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Overwhelmed with Love & Support

Running has truly been a gift in my life.  Ever since I decided that I wanted to make running more than just a hobby and something that I considered part of my identity…the people I’ve met, the places I’ve gone, the doors that have been opened…it is all so wonderful, humbling, and affirming that running is not only good for the body, but is also great for the soul.

Wether I become any faster/better than I am now…remains uncertain.  However, I am amazed at the amount of people that look up to me or ask how I do it….I am beyond flattered and all I can ever say is “thank you”.  One person in particular that has been incredibly supportive and thrilled to see me fall deeply in love with running is my biological Dad.  I feel I have to throw in the biological part, because unlike most, I had two dads growing up.  I lived with my step-dad, Jim, (who passed away) and I had my biological dad, Tim, whom I was grateful to find I have a lot in common with regardless of not growing up in the same household; the love of running, art, and being social. 

My dad took it upon himself to create a logo for Run Nelly Run.  He combined the loves in my life, Ryan, Bodhi, Trout, Running, and other personal details and made an amazing design.  He says he had a friend’s help, to whom I am very grateful for.  I know my dad has always had an artistic side…but to know that I was inspiration for one of his many creations is very touching.


  A quick break-down of the design: the tree is for my son Bodhi.  Bodhi was named after the Bodhi Tree/Bodhisattva (meaning the “enlightened one”).  If you look at the empty space in the trunk you can see an outline of a trout, no explanation there.  The heart in the tree is for Ryan and our constant love and support for one another, and then there is the runner in the light of the moon.  I have personal reasons for the moon bit…but, let’s just say…he hit the nail right on the head! I love it!

Knowing that I have so much love and adoration in my life helps constantly keep me grounded when I’m getting too full of myself and thinking things are more important then they really need to be.  Yes, training is important, yes, it’s important to hit certain speed workouts with precise pacing and times, yes, doing well at races makes for a happy runner….but, it doesn’t make me love the sport, it doesn’t give me the soul satisfaction that just connecting to myself and the world around me by putting on my shoes and going out for a run does on a daily basis.  

I did have a speed workout on the books today.


The objective was 10 miles total with 10 x 75 seconds at a 400 m pace followed by 90 seconds recovery run in-between.  

Between family leaving late in the morning and Bodhi still fighting a nasty bug, (however, I think we are seeing the tail end of it…fingers crossed!) the treadmill was the only option and instead of beating myself up over it…I decided that I am healthy, I am able, and I love running…so any way I do it is great; really.

Running in Montana for the past week has really helped me appreciate the abundance of oxygen we suck down here at a lower elevation.  I was able to set my incline at 5.5% for half of my speed work, then 3.5% for half of that, and finish at 1.5%.  Being able to hit higher speeds on an incline helps me appreciate that I am gaining strength!

My second run for the day was outside in the wind.  Normally I would groan at the thought of having to run in windy weather….now I look at it as opportunity to embrace what could happen come race day.


I sported my Dad’s gift  and felt his love for me the entire time….I am just so very appreciative of how thoughtful he is….As a parent there is nothing more that you want for your child than for them to know they’re loved….the rest of the stuff in life is just icing on the cake 😉

I am hoping the half marathon I ran comes out with photos soon so I can recap about race day with you all….I could just do it now….but, reading a book is more fun with pictures, (says Bodhi) and I’m sure the same goes with blog posts 😉





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