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Short but Sweet

It’s hard to believe that our visit with my Sister and her family is already coming to an end!  This trip and hanging with her and her family has been short but sweet.


Steph and I always said that we would live close to one another and raise our children together.  I am always pained by the fact that I can’t raise my children closer to their family….but I am glad that when the cousins are together there is nothing but great memories to follow!20160315093051.jpg

Sometimes you have to let your mama hair down and give the kids some straight-up sugar…They were so excited to have their own table together; just chilling and eating a sugar cookie, (ours gluten free of course 😉 ).

I decided a trip downtown was in order and we were able to hit every shop that had a play-place for the kids to entertain themselves.


I wanted to pick up measuring cups, because somehow my boys manage to steal mine and make them into something much cooler…I found one of my measuring cups out in the sand box 😉


I was really excited to have a fun, colorful, and eco-friendly set of cups! it’s funny what us moms get excited about….If you were to ask a younger version of me if I would look forward to kitchenware I would have scoffed.


Woa! I almost forgot to show off this girl and her styling new outfit.  I am in love with watching Audrey and all of her favorite things like princesses, frilly skirts, sparkle, the color purple….just being a girl….it is something I don’t see often living in a house full of boys.


Trout was able to get his usual train fix at the local book store while the rest of us were ogling over all of the fun games, books, and melissa & doug items available….My sister and I grew up with my aunt and mom taking us kids to the Red Balloon Bookstore in St.Paul, MN….I have fond memories of getting a new book and a book mark every time we went!


Audrey and Bodhi had a blast coloring with one another.  I love that the cousins have very little resemblance in the looks department…but there are definitely some strong family ties between the kids.


Audrey was pretty excited that I made her a picture.  I stole the idea off her cute tank…Her mom loves cows, always has, and she has a stuffed animal by the name, “Mary Moo” she is pretty fun to make smile…I could hang out with that girl every day!


Speaking of my favorite girl….I brought my sister to a hot yoga class this evening.  Carlie led the class; this particular instructor is incredibly sweet and fun to follow…she always works your arms…I love that!

My sister is without a doubt, one of the biggest gifts given to me in this life. I miss spending time with her, but I am so glad when we do get a moment alone together.  I am thankful that even though we have so much distance between each other that I know her and I always have each others’ backs…I would do anything for her and I know she would do the same.

Poor girl…my sister informed us when we got home tonight that the person in front of her, who was very noisy and obvious about her wardrobe malfunction had a hole in her yoga pants in a very peculiar place and she wasn’t wasn’t wearing much underneath…I was thankful I had too much sweat in my eyes to get an uncomfortable show…sorry Steph! gotta love wardrobe snafus in yoga =(

I will miss my sister and her family tons when they leave tomorrow….I’m glad they came.  I feel like I got a second wind sort-of-speak…training this winter and being at it alone a lot of the time has been tough on me….having people in the house who I love and adore has left me energized.




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