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Family Time–It’s a beautiful thing

There are two things that make my soul 100% totally and completely happy….family time & Running.  These past few days I have had my fill of both!

I mentioned before that we were back in Montana for a much needed visit with the family as well as my needing and wanting to run a half marathon while I was there.

Cousin time was glorious and it has remained that way….my sister and her family came back to ND to see how we lived here in the midwest for a few days, yay!

Between the worlds best carnitas found only here and visiting the outdoor show yesterday….I think it’s safe to say that we have gotten my family acclimated to all things midwest living.


This was the kiddos at the outdoor show….they insisted on hopping in every boat on display.


Audrey wants one of these for her birthday….”ask your dad” was said a lot by my sister 😉


Poor, sick Beezer….still fighting his bug and looking less than enthused about this four-wheeler…he had his sites on a dirt bike, definitely my child, (strange fact: I always wanted to learn how to ride a dirt bike growing up….even into college).


Trout wanted to have everything!  The little sneak hopped onto this bike…thankfully, all 24 lbs of him didn’t knock it over…sorry salesperson! 😉


I’ll take this to go too…just put it next to my crotch rocket


I might as well as buy this speedboat too….dad’s buying, ha!  This boy was feeling pretty comfy in all the  toys on display.  His look is very reminiscent of my look when I’m inside a running store…shoes, shorts, tanks….yes please!

I have a feeling the next day and a half that they’re still here will go by entirely too fast…so I think I’ll sneak in as many kisses and hugs I can get!

Returning home and having the half marathon behind me has been a blessing….what a week leading up to it!  I didn’t have any spectators…I’ll explain later….so no pictures, (until they post some on the race website).  I will get to the race recap just not yet….it was a crazy week and I don’t know how to approach writing about it without getting really emotional at this moment, (yup…it was that kind of race).  All I can say is that if you put all of your stock as a runner into one race…most of the time it will leave you feeling frustrated….One day doesn’t equate to all the other amazing days of training it took to get there…life happens, weather happens, race snafus happen….


I’m loving my Hoka One One Clifton 2s!  I am a believer!  I also like the added benefit of making me look taller than I am 😉 I definitely don’t have the “height” or “leg length” advantage as a runner…but..there’s plenty of amazing shorties out there running…I would be honored to be part of that crowd 😉

Oh! one more thing!

I was beyond excited, flattered, shocked to be asked to talk on Real Runners Chat.  I’m always tuning in to runner’s podcasts to gleam inspiration while I’m out on a run….to be a voice on one of them is surreal….Liz was a great host and I am excited and nervous to hear myself being interviewed, (let’s just say…I’m very inarticulate) 😉


I’ll keep you all posted when it’s available for listening!




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