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Run Nelly Run

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Expectations shmexpectations!

Training for Boston has been anything but uneventful.  I have had some high points and some low points, but overall…it has been one heck of a ride and I am glad I have a few others along on my crazy ride, (sorry Mat, Sarah, and Brittney…you all get it the worse!)

I think the number one reason I’ve been able to stay on task has been learning to roll with the unexpected and to look at expectations as opportunity for failure….I don’t need the added pressure of what something “should” look like and instead revel in what it really does look like, (because in reality, what I’m doing is pretty awesome in my world)

Today’s run, which has been putting me on edge ever since I knew I wouldn’t be able to perform it exactly as prescribed by my coach, was met head on by a very stubborn me to do it and do it well, (even if it wasn’t according to plan).


My workout was the following:

3 miles w/u 

3 x 2 miles @ tempo pace

cool down until 10 miles met

What do you do when you can’t run it outside as expected?  

You put on your big girl pants

Push the feeling aside that the treadmill isn’t good enough

Set the incline to 1.5%, at least you can attempt to accommodate for lack of head wind and variance in terrain

Refuse to put any form of entertainment on, (this is between you and the workout)

Get it done!

Expectation, shmexpectation…..I did it, I put my own insecurities to rest, and realized that every and all effort is going to get me closer to a very smiley finish at Boston.

I hope this helps any of you who are facing similar obstacles along you training journey.  Funny enough, the things I’ve learned about myself while training for a marathon is how the act of training translates to everything else in my life…..especially motherhood…nothing in that department ever goes as planned.


Headed out to this beautiful place tomorrow; road tripping it with my boys.  So excited to see my family and the mountains!  

Blogging might be more sporadic for the next week…Vacation and down-time  with the family always comes first 😉




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