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Run Nelly Run

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A much needed day “off”

I read all the time about people who run and never skip a day….some run years without ever having a day of rest….I will never be that person.

Today, I had a much needed day “off”.  


I treated myself to a cup of coffee this morning; which I never do…I’m usually trying to shove whatever food I can find in my mouth as quick as I can in-between just finishing a run and trying to start the rest of my day.

Today’s mantra was “leisure”.  I really need to focus on utilizing down time when I have it.

Bodhi, who is still fighting a bug….was feeling a bit better so we attempted schooling today.  

Trout played on the floor…it was peaceful the entire day!



I cannot thank my friend Shannon enough for showing me some very inexpensive, but great ways to have Trout work on his fine-motor skills while having fun…she is genius.


I love this particular photo, because of two things…It makes me realize that with all the stress I bring on myself in life…I must be doing a pretty good job managing it…because 99% of the time my men are calm, thoughtful little people and they spend all day with me.  I also love that I get to see just how grown-up my little man is….he is truly not a baby anymore.

I made a point to hit the mat for at least an hour today.  I had two goals in mind; one was to work on breathing/de-stressing….my other goal was to work on stretching out my hips so that my run tomorrow would feel good as far as my legs not being tight is concerned.


Pigeon pose; a runner’s best friend


Trout thought mom was silly taking a photo of herself doing yoga…he obviously knew that a photo with him in it is always 100 x’s better!  Too bad I didn’t have a video….as soon as we took this photo, he picked up my phone and carried it around saying cheese…quite the ham 😉


When I’m particularly stressed….all I want to do is eat chocolate and greens…two apposing forces.  However, today, I didn’t eat any chocolate…but I had a lot of greens with avocado and beets….you gotta go with your cravings….


My salad looked naked! much better 😉  I might have a slight addiction to sunflower seeds and a dressing I got from Danielle Walker over at Against All Grain.  Her dressing contains champaign vinegar, dijon, olive oil, salt and pepper, (I think lemon too, but I couldn’t wait to eat my food in time to juice a lemon).

The only way I know how to end an evening or ever want to end my evening is by admiring these two nuggets


Through all my bitching and moaning about stress….it really is irrelevant when I look at my two boys and realize how blessed I am to have them in my life.  

ps…I watched them play together today…I told Bodhi that he was lucky to live with his best friend…to which he replied, “Trout is a gift…he is my forever best friend” <3 !!!!!!!!!!!

Stress instantly melted away at that moment.




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