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Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef


Wow!, wowee, wow.  This week has really been quite a week as far as my training is concerned.


75-ish miles makes this the longest I’ve run in my training cycle.  I really hesitated to share this bit of information; after all why should anyone be concerned with the numbers?  

However, running that many miles outside of what I normally do every day was a huge accomplishment for me!

 I went into training for Boston with the intention of putting family first.  I realize that it is okay, if not preferred that mom get her alone time on a daily run…I just wanted to make sure that training didn’t interrupt homeschooling Bodhi, (which means waking up super early to finish my run before he wakes up), making sure that I was still able to get dinner on the table every night without having to worry about my second run of the day, (capitalizing on nap times)….To make it all happen so far meant I had to get real chummy with my treadmill during the week and I have given up sleeping in on the weekends.

What have I learned from this week and my training?  I may not see myself as anything special…but I realize that my self-worth as well as love of the sport has driven me enough to make something seemingly “impossible” possible; in short….I am really proud of myself and I think it is okay to celebrate with a mini victory post!

Speaking of victory posts….if you are looking for a great read on an  inspiring lady who takes ultra running to a whole new level for me; check out my friend Sarah’s race recap from her most recent 50 miler race in AZ.  I appreciate her humility as well as refreshingly honest posts…all too often we post our victories without posting all the not-so-pretty stuff that comes along with being victorious.

For example….my life didn’t just happen seamlessly during this week while I was tacking on the miles…oh no, it never does.


I used to fight hard about nerf wars in our house….Being too tired or foreseeing a losing battle has left me to surrender to the idea that I should expect a dart to fly by my head at anytime.  However, my men were warned….hit mom and they will find out just how fast mom can run 😉

My hobbies have also had to take a back seat…a pair of pants that normally would take me an afternoon to sew have been in the making for quite some time….thankfully, with a little bit of help from Ryan, I was able to complete a pair of harem pants I sewed for my niece….I love making her cloths…I really need a girl to sew for!




“really mom?! these are girl’s pants!”

Of course they were too small for Beez…but he handled my demands like a champ and tried them on for me.  Please note the mess around him….yup.  running more means less cleaning going on….nap vs. tidying up….nap wins every time.


My boys have also capitalized on my high mileage week.  Usually, after a hard run day I am too pooped to pop so they are tasked on creating something…Bodhi always resorts to legos, (he made a giraffe!)


Trout has learned how to make the world’s longest train track….again, please note the mess….I’m not aiming for perfection, EVER.

I have no idea if I will feel this bad ass again for a while, so I am choosing to at least revel in the glow for the remainder of the evening.

I hope that all of those who are training for a race find moments, lots of them, where they really feel like they conquered something they used to find impossible…go big or go home, right?!

Happy week to you all and hopefully it was a happy weekend!




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