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Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

Some of my favorite things right now

This week has been full of running miles, chasing around my little men, hanging out with Ryan, and reflecting on some of my favorite things right now.

Running 23 miles and feeling stellar afterwards!  


My friend Sarah joined me for the final 6 miles…she always seems to capture the joy running brings to my life…I always seem to capture just how “cheesy” one can look while slowly running by the camera for a photo op 😉

My new pants!


Ryan was sweet and told me that I needed to have more “stretchy pants” added to an already spandex-like filled wardrobe.  I love that my Lucy pants aren’t tight…the best way to describe them is if sweatpants and running tights had a baby…catch my drift? 😉

Eating our salad greens!


I love that all I have to do is travel to our basement to get fresh greens! Nothing’s better than eating a big salad after a long run day, (and a lot of other calorie-ladened foods…a girl has to maintain her strength!)

Two wet-nosed critters hanging out with you as you take a warm bath trying to undo the chill you develop after running outside.  The weather has been warmer, but the dampness goes right through you that only a hot bath will remedy.


Dry shampoo from Aveda!


I don’t wash my hair that often, (maybe once a week or every 10 days).  I like that I can keep my look “fresh” with this stuff.  Running does a number on my ends, dries them out from all the sweat and salt…but my roots need some help every once and a while…this stuff is legit!

I’m not a fragrance person, however, I do love essential oils! I found this candle at Target and I am obsessed!  It has a warming/woodsy/floral scent…I’m in LOVE.



My little man’s cute body in cloth diapers! I am determined to get that boy into big boy underwear…but, until the day comes when he tells us that he has to go rather than he just went…cloth diapers it still is!


Watching Disney movies with my men <3  


Fire lit, home-popped popcorn with extra butter, blonde boys all around me….heaven.

“The Good Dinosaur” is worth seeing…even if you don’t have little ones.  I will admit, Ryan and I both love that we have kids that we get to watch Disney Pixar films with!

Happy Saturday & long run day for those who had one! 

What are some of your favorite things?

Favorite candle fragrance?

Favorite pixar film??



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