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Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

We meet again!

This week has been exhausting! I have upped my miles and the weather is getting nicer so that means besides running a lot more…I’m also spending a lot more time chasing my two nuggets around 😉


Bodhi never liked his strider bike, however, Trout has taken to it and is riding it around like a pro!  He is getting so confident in his abilities that he was trying out some sick tricks, (as Bodhi put it).  


Highly recommend these bikes…but I also forewarn….some kids love them and some hate them…I had both ends of the spectrum…you just have to roll with it.


Trout found a huge stick in the yard; wind here can be brutal at times and trees drop “walking stick” sized branches all the time.  Trout picked up the stick and immediately had a deviant look on his face.


Thankfully Bodhi was on his scooter and was able to move fast enough to get away…I’m telling you…these two are marathon training enough….my running is actually considered my “down-time”; I’m serious.

I got a text this evening from a friend who joined me in my attempts to gain strength by sprinting, (running as fast as we could…which sometimes meant crawling) up our local stairs/work out spot.  Last season I was able to make it up and down the hill 20 x’s….Tonight….I made it up 10 x’s and I was perfectly okay with that.


Finally, a picture that does the slope some justice…it’s steep.


We meet again! my stair crew! Bodhi and Trout have grown so much since fall that they are now schooling all of us big people on the hill/stairs.  I am calling my boys’ bluff next time they decide to tell me they are too tired to clean up their mess 😉

Tomorrow will be a nice slow, easy run on the treadmill and hopefully some time spent on my yoga mat.  I have my biggest mileage yet on Saturday and I am trying to conserve all the energy I can so that I am not burning myself out….Juggling motherhood and life with marathon training can be tricky business at times.



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