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How do you know?


As I was finishing up my mileage for the day, via treadmill, I was partially tuning out, (because by 5:30 pm I am done for the day) and the other part of my mind was pondering a pretty big question:

“How do you know?”

How do you know if you have what it takes to go further in running? I’ve never really trained for anything as hard as I have for Boston.  My past running logs have depended on what I found on pinterest or my first marathon I followed the lead of a friend I was training with, (which meant I ran the long runs on the weekend with her and the weekdays I ran maybe 3 miles/day).

I don’t believe that I am a contender for a spot at the olympic trials, but how do those who start out similar to my story gain their successes? How do they know they have what it takes?

I know that with my own experience it has to include some key factors:

  1.  Determination.  There is no one or nothing that will get you closer to your goals other than yourself.  Yes, coaches, good nutrition, teammates will support you…but, you have to show up.  My first run of the day today was speed work.  I woke up early, did my warm up miles and then dropped my boys off at a friend’s house while I got to work.  I ran to our local park and pounded out 9 x 5 minutes at PR half marathon pace.   Finishing my work-out required determination.  The weather was colder than expected, it was windy, and there was no one there cheering me on or racing against me to push harder…but, somehow I got it done.  I could have half-assed it…who would have called me out with no one around? but, I didn’t. I kept to my plan and finished with the only force I knew possible to get the job done; determination.
  2. Heart.  If you don’t love what you’re doing, eventually your heart will rule out.  I think that if you are to dedicate your life to a “career” in running…your heart has to be in it 100% (maybe not all the time…even the best love stories have at least one moment where there is a change of heart)
  3. Support.  This is HUGE.  I don’t know anyone who could pursue their dreams without a person or people standing along side of them believing in their goals.  

Really! this is going to be something plaguing me for some time! again, I don’t think I am one to look for as a future contender…but, what if I wanted to? could I? what would training look like then? how could I juggle my life/obligations with taking on running as a career?  how do these amazing runners know?!!!!!!

I suppose I will have to continue reading all these awe-inspiring runner stories out their in internet world and gleam inspiration from them.  I would love to personally sit down with one of them some day and pick their brain about how they first new.  

Do any of you ponder this? there are so many talented runners out there I have discovered through blogs, Facebook, instagram, Nark Running Strategies….any one of them could easily ask that very same question and start a journey towards crossing a big-time finish line someday!  


I guess I’ll keep chugging along, dreaming big and pondering those questions, as well as taking awful photos! I really need help!

One last thing…because, my blog isn’t without a boy post


Bodhi got a haircut!

It’s amazing how a simple haircut can make your little man look so grown up!  He is in love with everyone telling him he looks like his Dad 😉


Until Trout can tell me otherwise…He’ll stay long-haired and happy about spraying a water bottle on the hair dressers floor while his brother gets his hair cut off, (sob!).


Oh Trout…sweet, silly Trout! Thank goodness for Jen and her ingenuity…otherwise we might have gotten kicked out of the hair salon today 😉


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