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Run Nelly Run

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Sunday — rest day

Sundays are sacred to me.  Sunday is the day of the week that I dedicate to sleeping in, spending time in the morning snuggling my boys, running when I feel like it, and getting some housework in.  

It’s amazing how much one day can make as far as weather is concerned!


Yesterday, it was warm, snow was almost gone, spring felt like it was already here.  Today, I woke up to a dusting of snow…it was cooler, and everything that had melted had turned to ice, (not the best conditions for running).  I try to look at icy surfaces like a way to pretend I’m trail running.  I used to trail run in college.  Trail running is my favorite way to run; it requires you to be constantly checking your footing, hopping from one spot to the next, so much variety…pretending our world right now is like my past world, (of trail running) might be a stretch…but it gets me to a happier place.


Rouix was more than happy to get a picture with me!  Tulee and Rouix love any amount of snow they can get…so today’s run was extra special, (that and they weren’t confined to a stroller and leash the majority of the run!)

My boys required my immediate attention upon our return from the run; so I got down to business creating art from their benko and Koala crate boxes.


Bodhi holding up his animal creations.


Art with Bodhi, usually means he tells me what to create and then he takes over after it’s put together putting on the final touches.  He is crafty, that man!


Trout’s koala crate required some sewing.  I liked watching him use a lace to help put together his polar bear mitts.  He has really been enjoying fine-motor activities lately.


All of our artwork and visiting friends later on, (which was a blast!) must have tuckered the little man out! He always seems to nap better on Ryan’s shoulder than mine…it’s a conspiracy.

Today’s friend visit was great for all of us! Tonya has two boys (who are incredibly kind to my boys) and a husband in the same field of work as Ryan (they always have lots to talk about).  She is one of those friends that you could have months go by without any conversation and when you do find time to visit you pick up right where you left off.  She is a low-maintenance friend and is just as busy, (probably more so) than me…we really value each other’s friendship.

Tonya and her boys also have a new puppy!…most people get excited about other’s babies and children; which I have to admit…I love mine but I’m not ready to hang out with every little person I meet…however, puppies are a whole other story!  

I didn’t get a picture, but this is what the little man looked like


pretty stinking cute! when we were looking to get a dog before our Chessies…I had really wanted a wire-haired griffon.  Their little man is a short-haired variety…I had a hard time not taking him back with me.  Tulee and Rouix were less then impressed…they assume any other dog smell on us is considered “cheating” 😉

Back to the daily grind tomorrow; thankful for a relaxing and fun-filled day today.  Hoping you all had a great weekend as well!




  • Tanya howell says:

    It’s always great to visit and get the families together!!! You’re an amazing person and truly inspire me! I’m thankful for all you do ~ you’re always more than helpful with my many questions.
    We feel blessed to have your family and friendship in our lives.
    Trent & Brad love their Bodhi & Trout play dates and it’s precious watching the 4 of them and how much they grow and change …. If only we could slow time down and. Keep them little longer!

    • Danielle says:

      It is great having “family” so far away from family. You and the boys have always been there for us..we love you guys!

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