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A long run in review

Yesterday I had a long run on the schedule.  I don’t usually get nervous or dread the long run….but Friday night was challenging for me.  Trout, my sweet Trout, was up all night and I of course was up all night along side of him.  By 4 am I remember thinking, “is it really worth it?” in regards to my long run; at 5:45 am, when my alarm woke me up from my hour long nap…I was wide awake and decided to go for it.



Before I headed out of my house, I was creeping around “stealth mode” trying not to wake a sleeping Trout.  Of course, as I was fueling in the kitchen for my run, (in the dark…in case a light in another room would wake the boy)…Trout woke up! 

I heard Ryan try to calm Trout down, who was screaming “mama, I want mama…milk!”.  Ryan tried to reason with the little man, he even told him to go out and look for me…I was gone on a run, so he wasn’t going to find me, (that’s when I hid in the bathroom in the dark).  At this point, I wanted to give up again, go in to our room and snuggle the man, but I knew that I needed to get out.  I needed to have some time for me, (after a night of hanging with a restless/nursing child….your body screams for some for peace).

It was amazing how quiet I was able to carry out the rest of my morning trying to get ready for my run.  We have hardwood floors and they tend to creak in spots…I felt like a spy with night vision goggles and all of the “noisy” boards were lasers.  I was weaving in and out making my way to the door knowing which spots were the loudest…dramatic…possibly…

Tulee, Rouix, (my pups), and I made it to the garage! success!

I laced up, put my earbuds in, leashed  the dogs and headed out. I knew Trout would eventually fall back asleep; he probably would sleep better if hew knew he couldn’t wake up to have boob juice (yes, I nurse my toddler…a choice Ryan and I made, support, but all choices have bad days too).


My run consisted of 20 miles alternating between two different paces.  I realize that some folks include their pace…I think it’s admirable…However, I have been supporting the idea of only focusing on yourself; comparison being the thief of joy; so I don’t post my pace, I rarely say how far I’ve run, but I love seeing how awesome my friends did on their runs…so keep it up!  I hope that doesn’t offend some…I just don’t want anyone to ever think they have to compare what they do to what I do 😉

My coach had his runners read an article posted by NAZ elite, “The Alternating Pace Long Run” .   in preparation for our own alternating paced run.

I will admit I was nervous about the task at hand, but after 6 miles in…I found my rhythm and was looking forward to changing my pace every mile.

I have never been a technology runner.  Looking at my watch to gage my pace has been a new endeavor for me as an athlete.  I realized on my run that I had to really pay attention to how each pace “felt” which required listening to how my breathing sounded, listening to my foot strike, and remembering how I felt mentally when I hit a certain pace…I love practicing being mindful!

20 miles later….


Victory handstand.  I also decided this is my new way of elevating my legs after a long run 😉  Seriously, if I could just get an action shot on my run I wouldn’t have to resort to these shenanigans 😉 (truthfully, when I’m in a rhythm on my run…I don’t typically want to stop and take a photo anyways….so it’s a combination of me being terrible at photo taking as well as not wanting to stop when my run is going well).

I finished feeling great! I was relaxed, energized, and ready for more miles.  Long run days like yesterdays gives me confidence in myself to be able to execute something well as well as realizing my goals are obtainable, (as long as I keep training smart).

My return home was greeted with a very excited toddler after seeing his mama!

In attempts to tucker Trout out…Ryan and I had him walk while I “shook out” my legs


After a night of restful sleep, sleeping in until 8, I consider our attempts a success!





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