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Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

My Dream Life

Running, playing with 2 cute blonde boys all day, eating healthy/yummy food, along with many other things makes me feel completely content.  But, (because there is always a but)….if I were to truly envision what I would love my life to be like it would look like this:

A small herd of blonde babes running around (because Ryan and I appear to produce blonde children)

Living in the country

Tons of acreage 

A pasture full of cows, horses, and sheep

A yard full of chickens (and fresh eggs daily)

Plenty of coulees and trees for my kids and me to explore in

My own little oasis

Reality indicates that I have a pretty amazing life and would be silly to day dream my life away…but, I do like to indulge by visiting my friend Jenny and her family in my idea of heaven on earth.


There is nothing better then walking out your front door and being greeted by these guys!  I am in love with her Highland cattle.  Their bangs are perfectly quaffed in-between two burly looking horns.  


I told Ryan that I want this particular cattle on our ranch…he told me he would only agree if I learned to mend fence and promised to be the one solely responsible for fixing it; Jenny already reassured me that the one’s that do mess with the fence, (which really aren’t that many) are used for beef; perfect, I know I would have Ryan sold.  I on the other hand would probably have a hard time not making them all of my pets, (expensive ones at that) and would have them named by the end of the day…Ryan would have his hands full 😉


Barns full of hay, kitties, hens laying eggs, pigs…seriously, this is the life!


Jenny fed the horses some hay for a treat.  She is so natural in her element it would make anyone envious of her life.  I would probably look haggard half the time and would be mending fence from sun up until sun down all the while crying as Ryan dropped our steer off at the butcher, (ha!)


Trout and I took a turn feeding the cows.  I felt bad for the little guys without the horns, (they were usually pushed out of the way from the hay by someone with big horns).  Sadly, my attempts were futile…the horned critters won the hay.


I think Trout and I will just stay here forever…Jenny and family, hope you don’t mind…you’ll have 3 people ready and willing to work for free, we would only accept payment in the form of living a life wild and free! (Jenny had a get together at her place called “wild and free” that saying has stuck in my mind and soul ever since).


While Bodhi was no where to be found…he clearly has no problem going off and exploring without my help….Trout made himself at home with the feline kind.  


We found Bodhi for a brief moment…his imagination goes crazy in this kind of environment…I don’t yearn for this life only for me…I feel it feeds all of our souls!


My favorite kind of “snow artwork” chicken tracks 😉

Sadly all things must end…we had to say goodbye, (hopefully we will visit again sooner then later…time between our visits are too far and few between).


Trout was bummed about us having to leave…I was pretty sad too on our drive home.

The silver lining to leaving such a beautiful place is realizing that my life is pretty amazing too.  Life isn’t filled with the glamour of life on a ranch.  However, I am surrounded by three sweet, loving men who support my crazy every day.

I think the universe must have sensed my angst…I got a great surprise when I drove up to our mailbox tonight!  I have the same address as our neighbor except they are ave. and we are st.   Tonight, I ran into our neighbor who gets our mail and vise versa…USPS dropped off my jacket and singlet from Nark Running Strategies into the wrong mailbox!  I will have to speak them’s getting old.


My jacket!  I am excited to test drive it on a run! it fits with lots of layers underneath too! bonus living here in ND (sadly, my monkey-like arms don’t allow me to wear the thumb holes comfortably…always an issue in my world).


My first singlet, (well I wore one in track and cross country running my senior year in high school).  I feel kind of silly wearing one; I don’t want to come off looking like I think I am more legit than I am…But, before my Nark family kills me…I feel very honored to sport something that other runners whom I consider my running family from afar, wear in their races (they are a hardcore, hard working group of runners).  I would be silly to feel any less then fortunate to be part of such a group of great runners/people.  Running has always been my hobby and taking it more seriously than that has been quite an adjustment for me. I am learning that running speaks to my soul like being out in the country where my friend lives….it’s okay to look the part, especially if it is supporting those individuals who are helping you realize your dreams!





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