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Accepting compliments & Photo bomb alert!

Accepting compliments…awe….something I am very bad at.  I recently watched my son put himself down after I told him he was really smart and that I am proud of him..he said he wasn’t as smart or great as Trout….and then I realized if I didn’t change my ability to accept that others might have really great things to say about me…why would I expect my son to do the same? woa, what a lesson!

Today, I received one of the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful compliments I could imagine.  I caught myself trying to down play the importance of such a gesture…did I not learn anything?! Sarah, my dear friend, as well as running bud…Thank you! your kind words and friendship make my life exponentially better.  20160217075734.jpg

There are a lot of areas in my life that are less then desirable, but my friends and those I chose to surround myself with…they are golden; in-fact, they make me so stinking happy that I literally feel like I won the lottery.

On to the photo bomb!


Ran with Sarah this morning.  She was gracious enough to run with me while I pushed my boys and had my two dogs along.  I showed her my photo taking capabilities at the end of our run…I now have Sarah convinced that there might be zero hope for my photography skills.  She asked me to pretend to run…I gave her this 😉


Needless to say, I did not impress and she showed me up quickly with this shot!  Thule; if you’re looking for someone to represent you and your strollers….I’m your woman! I have officially gone through 2 of these bad boys, (meaning I have run with them so much that the local bike shop told me to consider purchasing a new one rather then refurbishing what I had).


Rouix’s favorite place to be.  Rouix likes to “park” it where it’s dark, warm, and at perfect head-hight….he has been doing this since he was a pup…throws some folks off…I have to hold back the laughter as I try to convince my friends that he has no ill intention other then to hang out.  Thankfully Sarah doesn’t mind when Rouix “parks it”; again, that girl is golden!


Found this sweet find at the store today! I am a huge fan of fermented drinks! (not the kind with chia added…too slimy for my taste).  I usually order Kevita in bulk….now I know I can just head over to the store if I am hard-up for a drink.  Some get stoked about coffee…I get giddy over probiotics 😉


I want to thank my genius of a friend, Shannon, for giving me ideas for “quiet time” activities for Trout.  I always feel guilty when I am focused on Bodhi with schooling and Trout is trying to cause chaos from boredom (I’m still learning how to balance the two)…he was quiet and content the entire time we did school today!


You can’t be afraid of “mess” with these activities; bring on the mess, they were brilliant.

I’ve been in a bit of rut as far as dinner options go.  Tonight, I went back to one of my favorite meals; Peanut-free Peanut Sauce stir fry.

Throw a bunch of veggies in a wok


Roast up some tofu, (seasoned with chili paste, coconut sugar, lime juice, and tamari)


Throw it all together with sun butter based peanut sauce and dinner time becomes completely silent…everyone is too busy filling their face to talk…at least that’s what happened at my house tonight 😉


Sometimes I wonder if Bodhi knows how good he has it, food wise.  He is pretty persnickety about his food.  Ryan and I get frustrated at times about how “ungrateful” he comes off….I suppose he will just have to wait and learn the hard way when he goes off to college….I’m still determined to teach him to cook….so he’ll probably become the next Jamie Oliver and the joke will be on me; I can only hope that’s the case.





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