Run Nelly Run

Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

How do I do it?

I get asked a lot how I do all that I do…First, I have to say I am always deeply flattered when people gush those words.  Second, I’m not at all special…so if I am capable of doing something seemingly “impossible” then it really isn’t impossible.

I really believe we all juggle a lot in life.  I find it completely awe-inspiring when a woman goes to work all day long and then returns home, likely exhausted, and goes directly into mom mode…we are all in awe of someone.

Honestly, if I were to tell you my secret…running every day, (well almost every day…gotta have one day of rest thrown in) is that running is the easiest part of my job!

Between being a mom, wife, homemaker, and everything else in between…I can honestly say that getting the boys ready and out the door for an errand, or being on the errand itself is much more difficult than running 10 + miles.


Getting my boys geared up, safely before we even leave the garage is quite the exercise.

During our errand today to the hardware store…I peacefully admired my boys working together trying to figure out the latest-and-greatest tool…not 2 seconds had passed and they were tearing across the store like they were on fire! 


Peaceful moment, awe!


By this point Trout had touched and taken off the shelf at least 10 different items and Bodhi had asked me how at least 50 different tools worked and what they’re name was…I’m telling you…they harness physical and mental training….it’s only natural motherhood equips one for a life as a runner 😉

I love this clip I found on youtube of a man talking about people without kids  not understanding what it is to be a parent.  Before I get a bunch of people without kids sending me hate mail… please appreciate the humor; if you don’t have kids yourself, you were a kid at some point in your life and their is a likely chance that you too drove your parents to madness on occasion.

Parenthood, life in general, is a really good training tool or an endurance sport like running where mental strategy is much more important than physical fitness at times; perfect example…Shalane Flanagan at the Olympic trials.  Shalane is incredibly fit; but in an interview she said that her hydration just wasn’t assimilating properly for her.  She was perfectly fit for the task at hand, but life threw her a curve ball and it took all the mental reserves she had to take her to the finish line.  

Being a mom can be a lot like running out of reserves and running off of fumes.  I do what I do, because no one else will do it for me and it’s a labor of love (99% of the time).  

Running is my release from all of the mental and physical strain of ever day…it is my saving grace so a day without it is unimaginable.  

Fitting in the time to run means learning to be flexible.  This morning, during my 10 miler, Trout was sick and wanted to be held and nursed every 20 minute…so that’s what I did…paused my run, snuggled and nursed until I finished my 10.  Was it ideal? no…but, I’d like to think it’s all about learning what works for you and realizing nothing ever looks perfect.

Speaking of perfect! Ryan did get me a Valentines gift aside from snow.  This year I got a pull-up bar!  Last year it was a treadmill, the year before a vacuum….I’m seeing a real trend here 😉


Ryan tried to school me last night after he assembled and hung it up.  I must have been tired from carrying nugget around all day yesterday and wasn’t able to show him up.  Today, I redeemed myself! My mama muscles were in full force…I can honestly say that motherhood has made me the strongest version of myself.

Before I go, I have to post what life really looks like for me, (running is so minimal compared to the rest)


Bodhi’s aunt got him an excavation kit for Christmas.  He is currently digging up a T-rex bone.  I love my son to bits.  He asked if I had something to shield his eyes with and I gave him my glasses, (I’m talking old-school…back in 5th grade when I think the eye doctor gave me a prescription only because I think he thought I wanted them)…Bodhi felt pretty cool 😉

By the way;  I am completely jealous of his hair cut and color…if only mine could look that great 🙂 🙂 I’m in awe of his sense of style and persona period.



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