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Happy Valentine’s Day <3

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ryan somehow managed to pull of the greatest V-day gift to date; snow!


Glorious snow! 

What do I do when it snows a bunch?

Run in it, of course!


Sidewalks weren’t cleared off, in fact the snow that had accumulated on the roads was plowed off onto the sidewalks…so it was extra deep 😉

Tulee, Rouix, and I headed over to a trail close by and reveled in the fresh snow.  The dogs hopped from one spot to the next making it look entirely too easy…I should have worn my snow-shoes…running and strength training combined? sure, why not 🙂


Beneath all of my layers; which were two too many after one mile in and already working hard…was the biggest grin on my face to date!


Bodhi let me borrow his face-warmer I sewed for him (crafty, right? 😉 ) He pulls off the mustache much better than me 🙂

Ryan and the boys met me across town at Caribou Coffee.  Ryan showed up about 15 minutes after I finished and I went from hot and sweaty to borderline hypothermic.  The trick to effective cold weather running is too wear just enough, but not too much…I think I was too excited to remember that rule before I headed out the door today.  Yesterday was so cold, I just assumed…never assume. never.


Bodhi talked to his Valentine, sipping on his sparking green tea all the while Ryan held the phone for the spoiled monkey; he slays me.


Trout wasn’t as impressed with the holiday…when I told him to be my Valentine he gave me this expression 😉  However, later when him and I made a trip to get Dad some gelato for a special treat; Trout held my hand while I drove, (safe, I know…but it was too much to resist) and while we were walking through the parking lot he grabbed my face and gave me a big kiss…he knows the way to my heart!


Obviously, the key to Ryan’s heart is through his stomach.  Today was filled with culinary love-notes…meaning heart shaped eggs & toast for breakfast


A killer Grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, (havarti, tomato, dijon, olive oil, balsamic, salt & pepper…he said it was the best he’s ever had).

Dinner was pizza with homemade ranch dressing….super complicated, right?! 😉  I think it is safe to say that we don’t take the holiday very seriously..I don’t need one day to make me feel loved, I feel loved 365 days of the year…today was no different.

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