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Run Nelly Run

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Why do good days go by so fast?!

Why do good days go by so fast?! Do any of you ask yourself this too?

Today was one of those days where the stars aligned; Running, family life, general wellness were ubiquitously great!


This morning I met with my running soulmates  for a long run.  I know, unequivocally, my training for Boston would not be nearly as enjoyable without the support and company these girls have given me. 

Sarah takes great photos…so I included one of Brittney and I running in the cool morning air! 

Us North Dakotans are pretty good at faring cold temperatures, but today was COLD.  It wasn’t the coldest temperature we’ve endured, but it was damp, windy, and cold…a bad combination; we laughed, talked, shared, ran in it anyways making those 10 miles glorious.


These girls brave all sorts of crazy things with me and I would do anything for them.  Every day I get a chance to run with either or both of these women is a great day.


Besides today being a little bit colder then desirable, (although you would never guess with the way Brittney dresses! that girl has never worn a hat! -22….pshhh…bring on the cold…Brittney, I adore you) Sarah reminded us how beautiful ND can be!  The sunrise this morning was amazing! You can’t fake the smile I have on my face! I’m in my bliss.

Back to a great day.

Started off my day with my girls who helped me complete 10 of my 13 mile long run…pure joy.

Made time for Yoga, which can be impossible if I am not away from the critters at a class.  Ryan gifted me with 40 minutes of uninterrupted mat time…a rarity in this mama’s world.


I love yoga and when I show up to my mat, even if it’s for 10 minutes, I leave feeling like a better, happier version of myself.  It helps that I have been having fun with inversions; I’m trying to take Epley maneuver to an all knew level, (Epley maneuver is supposed to help with my vertigo 😉 ).

Filled my fantasy cup up by watching some super-human athletes compete in the Olympic marathon trials.  I like to imagine what I would be feeling that day and how amazing it would feel to know that your hard work and dedication earned you a spot in getting to participate in such an event.  It’s fun, once-in-a-while to indulge in your dreams, (even if they’re far-reaching or impossible)…Dream big; right?!


Watching Amy Cragg and Shalane Flanagan work as a team throughout the majority of the marathon solidified the fact that running isn’t a solo sport….success usually depends on the support and love of others.  


This might be the biggest reason why today was great; Ryan cooked tonight!  I told him he had to pick out a recipe and execute it without my input.  Before he hangs me for giving the impression that he doesn’t know how to cook…give the man a can of chili or the hankering of some mean, (as well as not at all healthy) tacos…Ryan is your man!

I must have rubbed off on him, because he went right to the computer and researched recipes….found one he liked and then did half of what the recipe said and the other half was his “interpretation”; my recipe rebel in the making 😉


Ryan’s set up!


Ryan’s Green beans were a success!  They had parsley, whole mustard, bacon, red wine vinegar, and red onion…I had 3rd’s 😉

Poor guy doesn’t realize the fate he has sealed for himself…he is now in charge of the side dish for all of our weekend meals…I am relinquishing responsibility over that job for good. Sorry Ryan, you shouldn’t have done such a good job.

Putting out good energy for an equally good day tomorrow.  I’m also hoping that Kara, who placed 4th today in the trials, can walk away from her performance with a lot of great emotion along with the sad.  I can only imagine how much disappointment she must feel being so close.  I think it is important to grieve over the loss, but I hope the gray cloud passes fast….I think she is an incredible runner/person!





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