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Run Nelly Run

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I am finally getting it!

Being a mom to two very active, very busy, and always lovable boys…..I find my down time to be minimal.  However, when I have a brief moment to myself; i.e. walking the dogs on a 5 mile walk while pushing 135 lbs of stroller (filled with kids snug as a bug in blankets watching Phineus & Ferb on the iPad)…I have found my favorite way to “unwind”; podcasts.

I like to be challenged intellectually without the act of reading (reading is not an option with two gremlins always running amok around you) so podcasts really fit the bill.

Today on my walk i listened to a new cast of ROO (Running on Om).


Julia had on an incredibly intriguing and talented guest, Ian Sharman.

Ian is incredible for so many reasons:

His PR line up includes….


100 miles: 12h44m – Rocky Raccoon 100, TX, Feb 2011

70 miles: 8h20m – Desert Solstice 24-hour (split), AZ, Dec 2012

55.5 miles: 6h01m – Comrades, South Africa, May 2010

50 miles: 5h50m – JFK50, MD, Nov 2012

50k: 3h10m – Ruth Anderson Ultra, CA, Apr 2011

Marathon: 2h32m – Tri Cities, WA, Oct 2009

10k downhill training run: 29:40, CA, Dec 2013 (

He has taken the love of the sport and turned in into a living! I would personally hire a coach as awesome and smart as him, (don’t worry Mat…that’s why I hired you! you’re awesome and super smart about running too).

He seems to be just hitting his “stride”….meaning, he has a lot of races and miles still in him…incredible.

Like so many inspiring/talented runners…he seemed to “happen” upon running.  It gives hope for everyday folks like myself.

He is British…I’m a sucker for an english accent

There of course is a lot of other reasons that this man is incredible…but, my point of mentioning Ian is what he had to share on ROO today.  

Julia was curious about how Ian runs 100 mile races, (particularly so close together) and somehow manages to be able to recover in time to do well in the next race.

Ian brought up a lot of great points about recovery…but the thing that stuck out in my mind was the fact that the easy days are easy!  The hard days are hard….There is no in-between.

Working hard sometimes means working hard not to push too hard too often

Working hard sometimes means working hard not to push too hard too often


Ian said something that I have heard from my coach Mat, read on many blogs, and have mentioned myself….It is okay to be slow, to take it easy on some, (most) of your training runs!


How incredibly profound right!  I keep hearing the idea of slow being important to a faster runner…and I becoming quite the believer.  I think the concept only makes sense!  If a person is to run at a medium/hard pace all the time…how are they able to really push it on a “hard” workout day?  The rest day is instrumental to a runner’s success. EUREKA! 

I am finally getting it!


I think this same philosophy can be applied to most things in life…You have to have time to recharge or you burn-out…the “no guts, no glory” phrase might need a to be rephrased  to “no time for relaxation and recovery means no glory”…it’s IMPORTANT TO BE KIND TO YOURSELF!

I am looking forward to spending more time on my feet, enjoying the recovery days, and still killing it on the speedy days, (they’re important too…just a lot less frequent!).


Trout has it right about the whole nap idea every day…I’m making a point to take some much needed rest when I can get it!



Bodhi gave me his sunglasses to wear on our walk today, he thinks I look cool! No matter how goofy I feel, no matter how slow I run at a race…Bodhi doesn’t care about how far or fast I’ve trained, how much I know or don’t know….that boy thinks I am the greatest and I hold onto that thought every moment of every day!







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