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Running – the underdogs’ sport

I’ve had this particular thought on my mind for quite some time and I thought I would finally get it out there.

Running. It truly is the sport for all us “underdogs”;  I really hope that this thought doesn’t offend anyone!  

Why do I say this?

There are a couple of big reasons running is considered an underdog sport one of which is that running is incredibly accessible.  Yes, running can get expensive if you get caught up in the latest gear, fashion, fuel (aka gels and gummies), hydration packs.  dHowever, sticking to the bare essentials is pretty accessible for all budgets…all you really need is a pair of shoes, clothing that is comfortable to move in, (and for woman a “supportive bra”…sorry ladies this is one expense that can’t be avoided)…that’s about it.

The cool thing about running is how some even trade in using a vehicle to commute to and from work for running.  The sport of running is a way to get your “green” on.


If your looking for an inspiring story on an “underdog” who became an elite ultra runner while tackling fatherhood, law school, as well as using commuting as a way to tack on more miles…click HERE.

Running is also accessible to all walks of life, from young to old and everywhere in between.  I recently happened upon a mom and her daughter Kathleen and Kiley.  Kiley is living with autism as well as sever seizures….however, she has also found a love for running.  Kiley is proof that there are few limitations  keeping one from running.  I would recommend following these feareless ladies on Instagram…Kathleen is a stunning mom who is obviously in love with her daughter and everything she has accomplished in leu of some serious health complaints.  There’s also a quick news clip featuring Kiley’s appearance on the cover of Women’s Running magazine…click HERE to watch. images-10

The idea that anyone can run is something I try to point out to those on the fence about starting….there is no limitation to how fast or slow, long or short someone runs or if they ever chose to take running beyond hitting the trail behind their house or aim to make it to the olympic trials someday, there is not right way to do it…running really is a beautiful thing for that very reason.

The other reason I consider running an underdog sport is all of the stories I have come across while connecting to other runners either through social media or on a run.  A lot of us didn’t happen upon running because of a God given talent…I think for most it occurred when life wasn’t going our way, an injury told us we  could never run, or running was the only way to cope with grief.

When I posted my favorites going into the Olympic trials…the driving force behind my choice was their back stories.  I love that a lot of the athletes that have made it to the top have come from very humble beginnings..  Trisha Drobeck, an olympic qualifier, (as well as someone who turns out to be incredibly sweet too)….has had a lot thrown her way on her journey towards accomplishing her goal; her story is nothing less than inspiring.  Trisha is one tough and speedy chica!  Here blog is worth checking out! click HERE for her story on becoming an Olympic Qualifier.

ps…thanks Trisha for throwing in period and poo talk…that Sh*t is real, literally.  I appreciate the attention to detail 😉

Another runner who I admire, (amongst many other) as well as worth mentioning is my dear friend Sarah.  This lady has gone from an injury and told she would most likely never run again to becoming a bad a*s ultra runner.  Sarah emulates enthusiasm for the sport of running! Sarah gets me pumped about running every time we are together..PLUS, she’s also a running coach, super knowledgeable, and a feline lover, (an instant in, in Bodhi’s world…so an instant in, in my world too).  Please check her out HERE, HERE, and HERE….her humor and spirit is infectious.20160211083046.jpg

Even my puppies love Sarah.  I know Tulee prefers her over me 😉

SO there you have it, my reasons for nominating running as the “underdog sport”.  I hope I’ve inspired some of the skeptics into giving it a try 😉






  • Val says:

    Almost, just have to take me shopping for the gear and chase me with a stick out the door! Hahaha. One day I will get the energy and motivation to run…for now, I will just read about it and live it through your blog!

    • Danielle says:

      Awe, I love you Val! I’d gladly chase you around with a stick for motivation 😉 ha! gotta love Sister-in-laws….there is nothing better!!!!!!!

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