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Marathon Olympic Trials — My personal Super Bowl

Marathon Olympic Trials are right around the corner; they are my personal Super Bowl (most get excited watching football…I get pumped about watching people run super fast).  I am obviously not the caliber of athlete as those running…but I can appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears that go into training as well as leading a “normal” life.  I think the most amazing aspect is the fact that a lot of the athletes participating are entrepreneurs along with being running super stars.

Some of my favorites heading into the trial are 

Kara Goucher- She is truly an inspiration in the world of running..enough said.

Heather Lieberg – Gotta root for the Montanan.  


For a story on Heather click HERE

Heidi Greenwood – Fellow Dakotan and I have personally “chatted” with her via instagram and she is as nice as one can be in such a manner as you would expect…I am hoping she sprouts wings and flies!


Check out her blog HERE

Trisha Drobek – I ran with her for the Bozeman Half.  She was obviously first…but I placed second and I consider that a victory!  (she was having a “training” day and didn’t feel like she ran it too hard…before you think I”m getting all high and almighty on myself)


Truthfully, I am hoping that all who run have their “best day”.  I know that there will only be 3 that qualify, but I have a slight understanding of how much work goes into training and the only thing that matters to me as a runner is knowing I gave it my best, ran a smart race, trusted in my training and finished with a smile,  Maybe I’m not competitive enough as those who read this are scoffing at my optimism for a happy outcome for all…a girl can dream.






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