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Getting back to normal

I do not like to burry my head in the ground and hope problems go away; of course I give something an allotted time to work itself out, (if it’s a cold, flu, mono….).  However, when my world becomes bleak and my everyday is not possible…I don’t sit on those kind of symptoms.

Thankfully, with the help of some pretty incredibly kind, smart, and open-minded people…I’ve been able to find the root of the problem and of course it all goes back to me and how I chose to try to live life.


I don’t believe illness always happens  for a reason, however, I do believe that symptoms are our bodies way of telling us to pay attention….most of the time the symptoms are minute and we go about our business fairly undisturbed.  Ignoring symptoms or using “bandaids” to cover up things like aches and pains only work for so long before the body has a hay day and lays it all out there for you.  

My body has been run down from doing too much and not accommodating with more energy-dense foods (too many salads with not enough substance added), more water (even though it felt like I was drinking enough), hormones trying to get back to the way they were pre-baby (aka middle aged puberty…it’s a thing…at least it is in my world), and the fact that I am incredibly sensitive, in-touch, and emotional, (yup…all the things I hated to admit I am forever and ever…but, you can’t fight who you truly are).

It’s funny how the universe seems to key in on certain energy in your life if you allow to see it that way.  I was walking my dogs and enjoying feeling better and decided to listen to some “Running on Om”.  Julia and her guest speaker were talking about the idea of “control” being a personal everest in their lives.  The women talk about trying to take “control” of everything only to realize that their scope of control is quite small….wow! if that isn’t my life…I really don’t know what is.


Julia Hanlon (ROO host) and Nicole Antoinette

If you’re interested in listening to the same podcast I did today click HERE.

Enough about my problems! 

Change has been the theme in our family lately!  



I can’t believe my little man (5.5 years old)  has already lost his first tooth, (his mom a late-bloomer lost her first at 6 1/2).  I’m hoping that he continues to rock the losing teeth stage; that boy saddled up at the dental hygienist chair today and said…”you need to pull out my loose tooth”.  She was nervous, but he insisted and so she obliged.  He is super tough like his Dad.

That’s all y’all.  I’m going to go snuggle my boys in bed, try to work on my stress-relieving techniques, hang my head upside down off the bed, and get in some easy reading




  • Thanks for sharing about ROO and glad Nicole and my conversation resonated!

    • Danielle says:

      Julia, you’re podcasts are incredibly soul-satisfying for me! as a mother and a runner…and so many other things…the people you talk to and yourself give me a sense of community and belonging to something so much bigger!

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