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Healthy doesn’t have to mean tasteless

Between my growing appetite from running more and Bodhi who seems to be hitting a growth spurt, (that boy can polish off 4 sandwiches a day with vegan mayo, avocado, hummus, on top of all the other sandwich fixings!)

I thought I would give you some of our favorites as of late.  I think by now I have Ryan a believer  that healthy doesn’t have to mean tasteless…in fact, his feelings are that the “unhealthy” stuff lacks flavor, textures, and complexity…what a refined palate I’ve given that man 😉

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner has included a lot of this dish


It looks super fancy, however, it is so easy, tasty, satisfying, and I believe I re-created the scene from “When Harry Met Sally”…ya know the one I’m talking about, (with the diner)… is that good!

All I did was cut a hole in the middle of some gluten free whole grain bread….I heated a skillet with some coconut oil, added the bread and it’s center, cracked an egg in the middle, seasoned liberally, and waited for my egg to fry.  Once the egg cooked on one side I flipped it over along with the toast it adhered itself too…that’s it!  I also fancied up our dinner and added some vegan spinach artichoke dip on top…I now prefer it “fancy” every time!

Ryan says he sometimes prefers the “lazy man’s breakfast”…he tops two pieces of gluten free whole grain toast with an abundance of both Earth Balance (soy free) and sun butter….Ryan’s secret is to make sure the sun butter is as thick as the bread…I have to admit….it is ridiculously good even though I give him a hard time about going through sun butter too fast (we buy a gallon tub and he helps polish it off in less then 2 months!)


We all have a mad sweet tooth in my house, (thanks to me and growing up with women who always seemed to follow a meal with something sweet….I swore I wouldn’t do it to my boys…but sometimes I just can’t resist).


Last night, Bodhi, Trout, and mom shared a “sundae” together.  I froze 3 bananas, (well actually they were bananas that had a bite taken out of them courtesy of Trout and I ended up freezing them after his nibble…I don’t like to waste good food).

I tossed the bananas in a blender along with some homemade vegan fudge sauce and magic happened.  I topped the sundae off with some cocoa berry granola…the boys and I were pretty sure it was heaven in a bowl…our heart’s all reside in our stomaches.


I grew up eating seven layer bars for my biological Dad’s birthday.  He was in love with chocolate and coconut.  I also remember eating a lot of e’clair’s with him too….but I don’t have any desire to try to make those gluten and dairy free…too much work.  Danielle Walker, Against All Grain, posted her paleo version.  I wouldn’t normally try something so involved as far as time and ingredients….but I decided for Bodhi’s first “super bowl” experience, (thanks to Grandpa..Bodhi was excited to tune in) he needed something decadent.  Please go check out Danielle’s blog! she is incredible.  The recipe for the seven layer bars is HERE.


Because it’s super bowl Sunday….I made my version of “nachos”.  I used Target’s organic flax/black-bean tortilla chips, green pepper, jalapeño, green pepper, and turkey, homemade guacamole…and a bunch of other ingredients….it made my men happy, (I was loving them too).  Sometimes you have to live a little…we are all comfortably stuffed and now I’m learning how to try to enjoy watching football, (sorry all you football lovers…I don’t have the attention span for such an event…hence me blogging while the game is going on).

Bodhi says, “Go Broncos!” I want whomever is wearing blue to win, (which is a total cop out…they’re both wearing some kind of blue 😉 ).  Bodhi is going to figure out my shenanigans sooner then later.

Who are you cheering for?



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