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Killer AA workout (ab & arm)

My dear friend Brittney and I have made a point to get together at least once a week to try to kick each other’s butt in some kind of plyometric/body-weight work out.  I love what has transformed from us trying to one-up the other on making something burn.

I don’t like to miss my social time with this lady so I decided, against better judgement, to keep our date in spite of an expected tough run tomorrow.  Before Brittney and I met I asked if it were alright to keep the cardio to minimum as well as only working abs and arms, (I don’t want led legs tomorrow).  She was happy to oblige!

Ha! if only I knew how working just your abs and arms could make you sweat harder then a 10 mile run! Between her and I, I think we came up with something that will be a go-to favorite of ours in the future, (especially as something to gage how far our fitness has progressed).

Here it goes (please excuse the pictures…I am not going to win any awards for photography)

12 rounds 30 seconds alternating 2 different moves. 

Move 1: plank walk outs with 2 push ups at plank position, (I’ve heard of this maneuver as the “inch worm”)


alternating with:

I am not a trained professional, so my lingo is not “trainer quality”, but the next move starts on your back and requires you to get up without using your hands, which are crossed over your chest.  I focused on keeping my lumbar spine glued to the floor and imagined “rolling up” to standing….I believe in form first and speed last.


here is one picture I took and here is another to help you get an idea


After we finished the first 12 minutes…we rested for a brief moment and then jumped right into the second set of 12 minutes of 30 seconds each of 2 different exercises

Exercise 1: bicycle


the photo I took of myself doing the bicycle was not pretty.

Exercise 2:


Walking plank/push-ups.  Trout decided to join me and decided that whatever mom was doing was a bad idea 😉

If you’re exhausted by the first set, I would suggest holding plank or for more core stability as well as all over body strength try plank on an exercise ball


Again.  I am no expert.  However, I did work at a physical therapy office and know the importance of form! I know that if I’m getting too tired to continue with good form, then I either modify what I’m doing or stop.

Hope you enjoy this 24 minutes of arm/ab torture! I am hoping that I won’t be too sore for tomorrow’s run!





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