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My Favorite Things

Saturday is a blessing in itself….No homeschool, husbands home to hang with as well as help man kid-duty, and life just seems to go at a more leisurely pace, (well most of the time).

Here are a few of my favorite things this fine Saturday!


Long Runs! Saturday is my long run day and I didn’t ever think I would get excited to wake up at 4:50 am to put some miles on the legs.  Today was 21 miles…it was pure bliss, especially with the last 10 hanging with a pretty great friend and runner.


Hot yoga at YogifyU.  I couldn’t think of a better way to unwind after a long run then to sweat out some toxins while getting quality stretching in.  I love that the room today was uber crammed with other yoga lovers….it makes the world go round for us 😉


Seeing this guy admiring trains while my boys wait for mom to be done with her yoga class.  It is safe to say that Trout is obsessed.


Leftovers! I made my vegan lasagna the other day and had leftovers waiting for me after a long run and hot yoga, bliss in a bowl!


Long runs and plenty of sweating means a real craving for salt.  I am obsessed with snap pea crisps! My boys and I have to have a bag of our own, because we can polish off one by ourselves!


Heading over to the park with my boys.  I love seeing how much they’ve grown up by putting them on the swing….it seems like time goes by way too fast and they grow at an even faster rate!


Watching my toddler grow into a little man.  He matches me bite for bite in the kitchen, he is a monkey bar expert, and his curiosity about life is infectious!


The blueness of the sky next to a bright orange vest….I have lucked out and have had both boys take great photos on a blue bird day with that vest…no filter needed.


45 degree weather, a paved track minutes away from home, and boys who can hold their own running laps.



Boys and puddles.


Hugs and love from this guy.  I know time will only get away from me if I don’t take advantage now…so getting love from him is always a favorite in my world.

Hoping you had a great Saturday filled with all of your favorites! 



  • Jamie Swenson says:

    Love yogifyu too. Your boys are so adorable!

    • Danielle says:

      I love when the least-likely of gems pop up in your home town….makes midwest living more bearable for someone who misses the mountains. Jamie, I feel the same about your two little guys…it’s safe to say we both are perpetuating the blonde haired, blue-eyed population 😉

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