Run Nelly Run

Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

Perfectly imperfect.

I was happy to talk with my running coach today.  I think I’ve started to figure out his “sarcasm/humor” and it’s starting to grow on me 😉

We were discussing my training schedule as well as his wants, needs, and desires for me in my training.  He would really like me to keep working on getting slower, making sure to take my running outdoors as much as possible, and to have a half marathon a month out from Boston.

So far I am 0 for 3.  

While I could walk away from our discussion feeling deflated, I realize my limitations

  • not being able to run outdoors during the week days due to bad weather
  • not being able to run a lot of my “hard” workouts outdoors because I can’t really work effectively pushing 135 lbs of stroller
  • only having help for one day of the week in regards to someone watching the boys, (so that I can actually run stroller free outdoors…otherwise that treadmill is my saving grace)

I have learned to enjoy the fact that I have the determination to “make it work” and chose not to let the “hang-ups” hold me back from enjoying the journey towards Boston, (after all, it’s only one moment and the journey is hours, miles, and mental conditioning that will have happened over a greater span of time)

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth mentioning again….I am only human….running isn’t my career, (although secretly I would have loved for it to be), I have children and a family that takes priority over any run, and I want to maintain some sort of sanity throughout the whole process of training.  I feel like this mentality has really helped me adapt to a lot of different situations in the past 5 years of my life between:

  • having 2 children
  • losing my dad unexpectedly
  • moving to another state
  • watching my husband dominate his career while I become a professional mom, (the job is extremely glamorous, however, there are times…a few…that my self-worth get’s a jab when I watch Ryan succeed career wise while my education seems to fade away in the distance, (although spending this time with my boys is irreplaceable so I am more then okay with the trade off)
  • Being too far away from my family, the other loves in my life

Those things that I listed above are no different then what everyone else is going through, (some much worse, unfortunately).  You either learn to roll with it or let it defeat you…right now I am embracing the now and taking it one training day at a time, so far that has really worked in my favor.

Running is a far cry from what happens during the rest of my day….


I get to pick this nugget up from his Tue. Thur. hang out and hear about all the amazing things he has learned! Today I got to hang out with Dr. Bodhi…he is one cool dude, (he really would make an amazing doctor…that boy is in the know about his body and how to take care of it!)


Weather is getting warmer, (for how long, who knows?).  The boys enjoyed fresh air while I picked up puppy stuff from the lawn and shoveled off the deck.


Rooster sits on his thrown and shows me just who is in charge of this whole master/pet situation.


Obviously fresh air got the better of Trout.  He couldn’t make it through a 20 minute Target run!


Tonight, Bodhi felt it was a good time to take out his Tipi again 😉


It’s like a sweat lodge in there, but I’ll hang out with this man anytime anywhere!


Troutzilla decided to rain terror down on us!



It was fun and games until he found the dogs toy stick and decided to play “wack-a-mole” with it and Bodhi and I were the “moles”.

I prefer and cherish my chaotic life!



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