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Family matters, tea parties, and feeling really strong in my running

This last week we were visited by Ryan’s Mom and Step-Dad.  It was a great visit and it is safe to say that there was fun had by all.

Ryan’s mom has been great about being present in the boys’ lives and making appearances here in chilly ND.  This trip was especially important because it was Grandparents Tea Party at Bodhi’s Tue. Thurs. hang out


Grandma and Grandpa got to wear fancy hats along with the kiddos.


Trout and I opted for a more “casual” look, and I had a serious case of runner hair that could only be remedied by a beanie! God Bless Beanies!


Bodhi got to dance with Grandma, it was pretty darn cute!


Then the boys took a turn with each other on the dance floor; I hope their relationship only gets stronger with time! they’re quite the team already 😉


They got to learn about Tea Time etiquette, it was pretty darn cute and I am not afraid to admit that I was sappy and teary eyed over the whole thing… motherhood will do that to a girl.


Speaking of making me mushy…this boy and his many looks have got me starry eyed….I love when my boys want to dress like their Dad…it makes dad feel pretty cool.


Yes, I still nurse this man, you would too if you got looks of pure love from your nugget like this! I plan on letting Trout self-wean like Bodhi did…it could be a long haul….I have to take that into consideration with running/training for Boston…Breastfeeding + training = exponentially more calories and water for this mama.

Speaking of running, I had a couple of really great runs this week.  I will admit I was nervous with the in-laws in town and having to use the treadmill in the room right next to theirs…thankfully they said the sound was rhythmical/soothing and didn’t bother them in the slightest.


Running outdoors looks a lot like this at the moment, so while running outside is ideal, it doesn’t happen often.  I did sneak in my second run outside…it was slippery, but still nice to get some fresh air.


I’ve decided I’m going to start celebrating a well-done run with a handstand….so far it is the only “action” shot I’ve been successful at, (as long as I can hold a handstand for 10 seconds while I’m waiting for the timer).  It feels good to feel good while running and I’m just trying to revel in it and be in the moment!


Today’s run was working on running at a steady state for an extended period of time.  I ran 20 minutes at my marathon pace and 20 at half marathon pace…it was nice to let the legs fly, (although I had to stop half-way to change a not-so-clean diaper…yup, running with kids).


My basement is incredibly warm, and especially warm after visitors….I am thankful that I can run anytime of the year, however, it is tough to stay cool…Bodhi hasn’t taken a mom photo in a while…my head didn’t make the shot 😉

Sadly, Grandma and Grandpa left today so it is back to the daily grind for us.  I am thankful to have had them around, but it will be nice to run in the early AM and not worry about being too loud!

How do you train when visitors are around?

Do you have a favorite iTunes station for running? I’m needing suggestions!



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