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My favorite blogs for healthy, yummy carbohydrate containing recipes

In keeping with my carb-talk theme…I wanted to share my favorite bloggers that I get a lot of ideas from and recipes that help fuel me for running and everyday life.

  1.  Danielle Walker has some amazing recipes! I love this blog for so many reasons…Danielle has so many things to offer tons of different readers…she has overcome a serious ailment, she is a mom to two very cute boys, (I loved her instantly for that!), she is a mother of loss and gracious in sharing her story….she is just plain amazing.  My favorite carb-heavy recipe of hers is her Creamy Chocolate Avocado SmoothieIMG_7885I’ve had this on many occasions before a run and have felt great! If it seems too heavy for you…try it as a post run shake! it will make you a believer of the chocolate + avocado combination.
  2. I’ve mentioned these ladies before, but they are worth mentioning again.  Plantains are a great carbohydrate for my body.  I love all of their plantain recipes and I couldn’t nail just one down.  .  I make breakfast cakes and cinnamon rolls using plantains.  I would try using one if you never have before!  Lori and Michelle have plenty of plantain recipes HERE.gluten-free-cookie-dough-cinnamon-rollsI’ve had to modify their recipe a bit, but I couldn’t have discovered my favorite weekend breakfast without their cinnamon roll recipe!  Readers beware….they’re addicting; in a good way.
  3.  Ella has so many vegan, carbohydrate ladened goodness on her site…it’s hard to pick just one.  If I were to pick a recipe that has a lot of healthful carbs as well as always seems to fuel me right I would have to say I love her Warm Spinach and Artichoke Dip.  She has a way of taking incredibly healthy ingredients and making them taste sinful.  I adore her and all of her recipes.a-460x394I have to include her blueberry muffins too! I love love love them before a long run…they fuel me in just the right way!IMG_6955-460x347I couldn’t resist sharing just one more of hers! her recipes and cooking style really resigante with my body and digestive tract…I do really well with her recipes.  My favorite carb-heavy salad is her Sweet Potato, Fennel & Olive Salad with Crispy Kale & Quinoa.  The flavor combination sounds strange…but it just works! really well!  I could eat this salad every day, all day.img_12201-460x405
  4.  Lottie has a lot of similar recipes to deliciously ella.  Running on veggies focuses on plant-based nutrition so there is a lot of recipes that include those healthy carbohydrates we all should be consuming more of!20160117062601.jpgI recently made her Protein Chocolate Fudge and have been enjoying my little energy “man” bites.  The title might say “protein”, there are also a lot of healthy carbs in this recipe too from the dates as well as black beans, which are considered a great source of carbohydrates because of their  high starch content which gives a steadier sugar flow to your bloodstream.
  5. I am not a raw foodie by any means! I enjoy food that is warm, cooked, and helps keep me from freezing to my very core here in ND.  I do love her recipes and modify accordingly.  Right now soup is extremely prevalent in our diet with the cold weather.  I would try Emily’s Raw Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup with Cashew Cream.  Shhh, don’t tell her….I warm my up and I prefer hot soup in the winter!IMG_1723

I hope that you’re seeing the theme here that carbohydrates are not just cake, cookies, bread, doughnuts, pasta, and anything else in that nature….carbohydrates are so much more! I am obsessed with everything carbohydrate and I’m hoping you find something you like in one of these bloggers and their many healthful and delicious recipes.



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