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Run Nelly Run

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Best run to date!

I often thought that a certain time or placement in a race would define a great run from a not-so-great “training run”; until today.


17 miles, 14 with Tulee and Rouix (my puppies!), last 3 with lots of energy and power; best run to date!…this run called for a celebratory handstand!  (I even nailed the handstand, woo hoo!)

Looking back at my splits…I could have said, “meh, not the fastest!”….however, I felt strong, I felt confident, and when I was finished I was happy/smiling!!!! these are the moments that make me love running the most.  


My ritual as of late, has been to fit in yoga after my long run.  Yoga has been a real joy of mine.  I love that it combines strength and stretching in a gentle way. . I already do a lot of hard work with my body through running…Yoga allows me to be kinder to myself while also maintaining flexibility and gaining strength.


Hot yoga also is a nature-made facial! My skin looks and feels so healthy after class and I actually love how my hair looks, (yes, it’s frizzy…but it doesn’t look dry and weathered!)

We had a -40 weekend last week and this weekend it was 37! We dressed our men for the great outdoors and they played in the sticky/wet snow while Ryan and I scraped away at the melting ice on our driveway…it was a productive afternoon.



With Ryan’s Mom in town, we were hoping to steal an evening away and see a movie..but! I guess most people go to movies on Saturday evenings, the movie was sold out.  Ryan and I contemplated heading back home, but we both agreed we needed time alone so we got some coffee, talked about life, (and our boys a lot!), and after coffee decided we were near our grocery store so we picked up toilet paper and pears…talk about romance!20160123075054.jpg


I was making Ryan look “pensive” while trying to pick the best kind of paper 😉 we are the epitome of cool.

When we arrived home tonight it was safe to say the boys could have cared less that we were gone, they officially want Grandma and Grandpa to move in!


Ryan always gets sentimental about Bodhi, don’t blame him, so this evening he snuck a moment in with him and did “manly” things in the garage….It’s funny how when family visits we find we miss having our boys’ attention! it seems all of their focus is on the visitors, (as it should be)….we must love them or something!20160123075106.jpg

Hope everyone had a happy Saturday! For all you who had a long run today…hoping yours felt as great as mine!

If you had a long run, how long did you run?

Favorite movie you’ve seen in theater lately?





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