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Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

Sometimes there’s just not enough hours…

Yesterday was just one of those days where there was not enough time to get everything I would have liked to get done.

I told myself going into training for Boston that I wasn’t going to cut time from family, schooling, taking care of myself, or the million and one other things do to stay busy.  I have worked incredibly hard at getting up before my boys, (however, Trout seems to like early morning until he realizes that it is 4:50 am and he passes out on the couch next to the treadmill!)20160121070505.jpg

Ideally I would be up and out the door at 5 and back before Ryan had to go to work….however, he wakes up at 4:30 and is out the door before I’ve even hit 1 mile on the treadmill…and while I love being hardcore, (enter sarcasm) I am not going to wake my 2 boys up, put them in a stroller, and run in the dark around town, (because I don’t trust living in gas and oil country and running away from town in the early hours…not smart).  Realistically… weekday runs are primarily run on the treadmill and I have learned to be okay with that.


This was my run yesterday….it was fast and fun!

By the way the glow is from our hydroponic system in our basement….before you jump to conclusions, it’s meant to grow lettuce, kale, or any other green we like to consume.


My husband is like me….if you come up against a problem, instead of giving up and accepting defeat, you look to make it work!  We have a great yard, but can’t grow anything to save our lives, (we have too much shade and acidic soil).  During the winter it is impossible to grow anything, obviously.  I don’t like buying my greens from the store where a container of organic greens is $7! and we go through at least one container a day….so…..Ryan, my engineer-minded husband, (and much smart than I) devised a system where we can grow lettuce right here in our basement without leaving the house…I love that I get to go downstairs, clip some greens, and within minutes I have a salad that beats any greens bought at the store!

Back to yesterday!

Not enough minutes!


art at the Taube….I have learned that there is more then enough to do in our town if you look hard enough..we have a busy schedule filled with art, reading, gymnastics, and so so so much more.


I love that we homeschool…Bodhi has been able to do “a start in art” for quite a while now and his art has really grown!


Trout is taking after big brother!


When there seems to be not enough time for all that needs to be done…I turn to my blender for quick/healthy meals


Pepper, cilantro, tomato, carrot, onion, (avocados weren’t rip so I didn’t get to use them =( ), and hummus for protein and texture….throw in some spices….blend….


and you have one amazing tortilla soup that my boys LOVE.  I cooked up ground turkey in the evening to pump up the heartiness for my men and we enjoyed this soup for both lunch and dinner.


I tell people that training for a marathon doesn’t come from the miles put in…it’s from the stamina to carry on the rest of the day with energy.


Driveway wasn’t going to shovel itself!  I loved our big driveway until I have to shovel it and I’m already tired from running and mom”ing”.


Boys had fun and it was nice to see them getting to be outside after a COLD spell here in ND.


Play and nap time were limited for my men….that’s the thing about busy days…even time to unwind is limited and that’s what we all need the most.


Poor Trout got 20 minutes of sleep before I had to wake him and bring both boys to gymnastics…..

Needless to say, it was a busy day…and this was a busy and all over the place blog post; my apologies!

If you had one extra hour in a day what would you do?

Do any of you struggle with having to chose treadmill running vs. outdoor running?

What is your favorite quick and easy weekday meal?





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