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Today’s eats & workout

Not that what I eat is incredibly exciting, but thought I would give you a glimpse into a day of eats for runnellyrun.

5:40 am 

wake-up call!

big glass of water & banana and I’m ready to head downstairs to do my Tuesday workout as Rx by Mat Nark.


I was supposed to split 12 miles up into 2 separate runs.  I did my morning run at a faster clip, because I planned on taking my afternoon run outside, which means a heck of a lot slower run later.


Apparently I’ve become quite the collector of running shoes lately.  However, I have been running in a pretty minimalist shoe and found that with all the miles I’ve been tacking on…I needed more support! I brought my Saucony Triumphs downstairs and I’m glad I did! happy feet!

Breakfast consisted of my favorite as of late, pancakes….blueberries tossed in for good measure! I’ve been craving berries lately!



I’m pretty sure that the design team that put together the idea for the look of this bag of organic blueberries had me in mind…I’m a sucker for blueberries! the bag must have read my mind 😉

My “afternoon” run really happened at 10:30 am….however, I felt that since my first run was at 5:40…I had enough time in between the two to consider them separate.  

The run outside was less then fun for a couple of reasons:

  1.  They don’t plow sidewalks where I live
  2. I had to run on the road into oncoming traffic for the majority of my run
  3. They don’t clear the roads that well so it is like running on wet sand
  4. Add a stroller and a male dog who likes to mark his territory every 5 minutes…makes it a lot more interesting/challenging

Runs like these are what I like to lovingly refer to as “character builders”…they make us better prepared for the less then optimal conditions right?!

After I picked Bodhi up from his Tue. Thur. hang-out….he mentioned he wanted take-out.  I don’t normally do fast-food with our food allergies…however, we have a Q’doba that seems to be safe as long as we don’t order any “sauce” or cheese.  

I usually order a kid’s burrito bowl.  I like to add more salad greens at home.  I think too many times the adult portions are too much food and my kiddos can never finish their portions…so if I’m still hungry, which happens a lot with training harder…I dive into their leftovers knowing that I didn’t just finish an adult sized portion myself prior! I’m not worried about portion control…but I do think it is good to be mindful of how much your taking in and how much your body can handle at that moment, (digesting a thanksgiving sized meal is a marathon for your digestive tract!)


Kid burrito bowl ~ 1.5 cups beans, rice, chicken, lettuce, pico, corn salsa, guacamole, and tortilla strips…a little bit of everything!


My “doctored” up version 😉

Brittney, my near and dear running friend joined me for some “strength” training this afternoon. We did a 10 minute plank workout curtesy of Michele and Lori over at Purelytwins.  

Brittney and I were wanting more abs so we devised our own circuit that involved using my equalizer and kettle bells.  18 minutes of our made-up circuit left us both tired! 

I’ve been craving berries and greens as of late! tonight was a big salad of spinach with more sunflower seeds then spinach!


I didn’t have a lot of veggies on hand, (apparently we eat them up pretty fast around here!)  I tossed in a few left over baby carrots and heated up some red potatoes with olive oil and rosemary…I wanted starch!

Desert was a couple pieces of dark chocolate covered pecans and later I whipped up some banana ice-cream, (frozen bananas blended with a spoonful of pb)


Trout was making the saddest face tonight at dinner and I had to capture it! doing my best to mimic his sad head tilt =)

Bodhi wanted to join in!


He just ended up looking like his dad when he’s eaten a little too much for dinner….I love these boys!




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