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Seed Cycling & Mama Workout

I have been reflecting on blogging lately and what it is I want to accomplish with sharing.  

First and foremost, I just want to make anyone who is interested see that whatever you dream of going after, you should! My life is not any more profound than anyone else…However, I feel I have an incredibly blessed life so far filled with lots of love, support, and encouragement to be whatever it is I set my heart out to be.

I also want to share my journey and what works for me.  I want to dispel and myths around being a mom who loves being a mom, (and a wife!) but also needs to have an identity of my own…thankfully, as of late I have found myself through running, blogging, and sharing my journey so that other’s can feel like they have a sense of community like I have found in all of you.

In the spirit of sharing…I wanted to reflect a little more on seed cycling, turning my focus inward, and seeing my body as a tool not as the enemy.

I could be considered a feminist, even though I find extreme joy in being a barefoot and pregnant housewife, (which I’m pretty sure feminists would frown upon).  I find being a woman is an incredible honor.  I didn’t always feel that way, in fact for most of my “younger” life I was at odds with myself; a viscous cycle of fear and loathing.

My hormones and emotions were all over the place and as I shared in a post prior, conception was not an easy journey for me.

Long story long, I have spent A LOT of time as well as having some amazing woman in my life impart their wisdom on me…that has helped me learn that my body is in fact a tool and not at all out to get me.

My hormone balancing journey doesn’t rely only on seed cycling, but it has been a great tool for me to help understand my bodies ebb and flow with hormones. Seed cycling isn’t just about consumption of various seeds, it is also setting an intention to be mindful/kind to myself….allowing feelings and changes to be accepted rather then a hinderance.


Seed Cycling, in short, involves 4 different types of seeds: pumpkin, flax, sesame, and sunflower seeds.  Depending on where a woman’s cycle is at, she is supposed to incorporate 2 of the 4 kinds of seed into her diet. 

Different seeds have different nutrients that help facilitate specific hormones in a woman’s cycle.  For example: flax seed is supposed to work in conjunction with estrogen and is best consumed when estrogen levels are higher, in the first half of a woman’s cycle. I would rather share with you how I go about seed cycling so if you want specific information on seed cycling itself, check out this site!

I love food of all kind! so eating flax, sesame, pumpkin, or sunflower seed is not a difficult task.  

Today I had left over pasta that had pumpkin seed cheese in it, (ground up pumpkin seed, lemon, olive oil, salt, and pepper…it’s amazing)


I am a lover of pancakes! I try to make them vegan, (sans eggs) whenever possible…enter flax!  I have been mixing gluten free oats, flax, pecans, coconut palm sugar, and pumpkin together for a quick and easy pancake breakfast…throw sun butter on top and I am incorporating 2 of the 4 seeds!


Sesame is probably the hardest seed for me to incorporate!  I have found that I am a big fan of a seasoning that uses seaweed and sesame in it called, Eden Organic Seaweed Gomasio.  It is a great seasoning for rice! I love it’s salty, nutty, and for lack of better terms seaweed flavor….it’s worth trying!shopping

What do I get from following the seed cycling method? 

I find that I have less PMS, I feel better because I am eating more mindfully, I ovulate!, and I think in a more spiritual/physical sense….my body appreciates that I am taking the time to support what should be a natural process rather then try to take over with less conservative methods, (which I won’t name for fear of offending those who do take a less conservative route for whatever reason unknown to me).

Real quick! I have the honor of being part of a great running group, even though I’m far away from most of them! 

They posted a video of their weight training and I thought I would respond to it with some humor!

Here’s my attempt at trying to be 1/8th as bad ass as all of you 😉


25 lb. weighted plank


52 lb. weighted plank


I don’t even know what to call this weight except, ugh!  



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