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Mindful Matters

Being mindful is an incredibly important attribute in my world.  I am not perfect by any stretch, however, I try my hardest to be as thoughtful and considerate towards my body as much as possible.

My biggest teacher in mindfulness lately has been through eating and training.  I have been learning what helps fuel me for a run as well as what food has helped me recover after a tough work-out….it has been an interesting journey!

Yesterday I ran 14 miles at the faster end of my long run pace goal.  It wasn’t a hard run, but it wasn’t easy either, (if that makes any sense).

After my long run I went to hot yoga and did a lot of stretching and more sweating.  Throughout the day I drank a ton of water, ate really well, (also ate enough for how much I was active…something I think is often forgotten or forgone for the sake of trying to lose weight).

Today, when I was supposed to run an easy 5 miles…I had to really work at reigning it in! I felt great!


I secretly wanted to fly much faster…..but I knew I would have some explaining to do to someone later if I did……so I just reveled in the fact that I wasn’t sore, tired, or weary of having to run after a long run day!  

Finding what works for me has been a life long mission and will continue.  I have had to learn to put my “blinders” on to what others are doing and focus specifically on me! Through a lot of trial and error I feel like I’m closer to finding out what works and it has been inspiring/motivating!

Still high off my great feeling run, I felt inspired to create in the kitchen and came up with a new salad that I will consume over and over again.  The salad was sweet potato and kidney beans sauteed with chili powder and lime juice over a bed of spinach topped off with smokey tomato vinaigrette.  Sounds weird, but hit the spot, (I love warm salads in the winter). 


I personally thrive on a plant-based diet with a hint of animal protein.  I feel more satisfied after a meal like the one above rather then something heavy in meat, (which usually makes me feel emotional and reaching for more….it just doesn’t fill me up!)

Instagram and food gawker give me a ton of inspiration for training and cooking.  One of my favorite bloggers to follow for both is Running on Veggies.

Lottie is inspiring in so many ways she is a triathlete…her food is awesome…and she is a near and dear friend to one amazing runner, (Kara Goucher).  I saw a yummy looking picture she posted and was instantly intrigued to give the recipe a try!



I have been incredibly hungry lately and I have been searching for another way to use protein powder other than a smoothie, (which I am just not into).  This fit the bill!

Black beans + Dates + Cacao + Jason’s Nutella + Vegan protein powder = Chocolatey goodness!

I have a candy silicon mold of mini gingerbread men and I was excited to use it!


2 hours in the freezer and my “little men” were ready for consumption!


They were not nearly as pretty as Lottie’s version…but they were fudge like in texture, chocolatey, not at all chalky in flavor, (which I always worry about when using protein powder), and you would never be able to tell that the main ingredient was black beans! I’m a convert!

I finished of my mindful eating day with an incredibly quick, easy, yummy, and healthy dinner.

Bodhi loves spaghetti!  I follow Seed Cycling and wanted to use pumpkin seeds some how in a recipe, (seed cycling is related to a female cycle….you eat different seeds depending on the where you are at in your cycle….I swear by it!)

I made “nut cheese” using pumpkin seed/brazil nut and ended up with pasta that tasted like stuffed shells! My boys were super quiet at dinner because they were too busy inhaling their food! success! I will have to write this recipe down!


If you’re interested in Seed Cycling…I added a link on it above, but in case you missed it click HERE!



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