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Run Nelly Run

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I consider myself fairly hard core when it comes to cold weather; after all I grew up in MN, skied on the alpine team, and forgot my long underwear a lot having to resort to wearing only my G.S. suit, (which is like wearing a bathing suit with legs…they’re not warm!)

Today, mother nature won! I woke up to temperatures I haven’t seen since the winter Trout was born….COLD!


Driving to the gym to meet up with Brittney.  If you have to run 14 miles on the treadmill…it is much more appreciated when you can have the company and conversation with someone who loves to run as much as you do!


We had someone take a photo of us “running”.  Needless to say…my attempts at “pretending to run” are as convincing as my ability to take a decent running photo.

By the way….my hair! I’m not into vanity, but wow! my hair looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket.  It is crazy how dry, cold air as well as having two babies and drastic changes in hormones can leave your hair looking less then stellar.  I love the convenience of long hair, but I am also envious of those long bob haircuts that look amazing on all of my friends, (but I know with my lifestyle…would look less than wonderful on me).20160116101106.jpg

Okay, so now that you know I am not fond of how my hair looks after a run or during winter months…you can see my obsession with beanies!  Trout hates me in hats…he doesn’t like when he can’t see my whole face…so he is constantly taking them off when I get home!

I have to bring up one other insecurity! I was running my 14 miler this morning at the faster end of my long run pace range.  During the fall, when I was still racing, my pace would have seemed easy….today, the pace wasn’t too tough, but it definitely wasn’t as easy as it used to feel.  Seeing is that I am new to this running thing…I am going to admit that I am a little worried that I won’t be able to run at the same pace feeling great again….paranoia I’m sure…but a very real feeling for me.

Tomorrow is supposed to be equally as cold.  Ryan and I are finishing up yet another project, (we have been super motivated in our world lately).  I’m thinking of making real-deal snow cones with the boys tomorrow to make something fun out of something not so fun, (being trapped indoors do to too cold of weather outside).  





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