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Cabin Fever

I’ll be the first to admit that I am much more happy about snow and cold then heat and humidity.

However, I think it is safe to say that we are all getting a little cabin fever around here!

I’ve managed to hit all of my long runs so far out in the cold weather…however, this weekend it looks like mother nature might win.  Air temperature, not factoring in wind chill and moisture, which always makes it much much cooler, has my weekend looking at -11 degrees down to -20.  Considering that I go out at the early early hours, the temperatures are usually the lower end of the scale.

Looks like I might be running a long run on the treadmill after all!

I’ve felt like a lousy puppy mom lately! With the weather being colder, my long runs being longer, and Tulee and Rouix can run faster then a cheetah off leash however on a leash they make turtles look fast….I’ve been taking them out in the country and letting them run amok while I keep the boys entertained in the car….sad….it’s really come to this =(



Thankfully, they love running around in the snow and running after one another…so they are as happy as can be…I on the other hand am guilt ridden and sad that I can’t do the one thing between us I enjoy the most…run with my furry loves!


Rouix says “throw a ball or quit taking my picture!”


awe, North Dakota….doesn’t get much more real than this!  No beautiful ice crystal shots today…just bleak coldness….because, that’s how I am feeling right now.

I might be getting hit harder with cabin fever then the boys….

We have an amazing bookstore here in town that offers story time.  Trout and Bodhi have both been able to enjoy having stories read to them by one amazing lady who is the epitome of goodness, (she has not a bad bone in her person!)


I got all choked up watching Trout holding other kiddos hands singing songs! I am mush over these men of mine…they are my soft spot for sure!


Tried to sneak in a picture when other kids were not around! anyone else not feel bad about taking a picture of their child with other kids around?  My feelings are that social media already has our life out their for all to see….I don’t want to post a picture of someone else’s kid without their consent 😉

I’m hoping I can shake this cabin fever feeling off soon…I am not hating on winter, but maybe if it were to warm up enough for snow to happen…that would be appreciated!20160114080537.jpg

Trout might survive this winter cold thing as long as he has ample warm places to play with trains at!



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