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Learning the Value of the Easy Day Run

It’s safe to say that I love instagram.  I am not very good at hash tagging, but I love the fact that I can see others’ photos and silly comments or words of inspiration.

Michele, over at NYC Running Mama raised a good point today about “easy” days during running/marathon training, (by the way I’m more than excited that she will be running Boston along with me…she has know idea who I am…but I’ve admired her from afar!)

To sum it up, very poorly, Michele talked about the struggle runners have to revel in the easy run.  She makes a great point that without taking it truly EASY on our easy days…we will not benefit from the days that are supposed to challenge us physically.  I hear this comment A LOT from my coach…I’m sure there are major eye rolls happening his way while I write something he has preached time and time again…only to hear it crystal clear from another’s mouth…sorry Mat! I really did hear you..guess it can’t hurt to hear it more often 😉  

I think most of us, it’s safe to assume, are after speed.  I’m not going out trying to be “elite” status or anything crazy like that…but I want to be the fastest version of myself in terms of running; so why would I want to go slow?

Your body needs time to recover!

With the advice/threats from my coach I have really made great efforts to slow the heck down…I mean SLOW DOWN…I am starting to understand the method behind the madness and I’m embracing the benefits it brings on the days when I need to push it, like today.


Today was a 2 run day.  My morning run consisted of:

2 mile w/u easy pace

10 x 1 min. rep pace “speedster” pace

2 min. rec @ SLOW pace

half way rec @ slow pace for 4 min.

finish rest of 4 miles at marathon pace

I have to say….I could have ran my 1 min. rep pace faster and more then 10 reps…but that’s the point….pushing it, but not too hard; we’re not out for broke!


I also found that when I returned to the treadmill for my recovery run of 5 miles…I switched up my shoes to a more cushioned ride, which made the recovery run that much sweeter…note to self….don’t make it harder for myself unless I have to!!!

Easy runs are also great for a mom who is required to “play” with her boys the way they deem fit…meaning shoving myself in too small of places so that I can play hide and seek with Bodhi and Trout 😉


“Trout, I don’t think Mama is going to fit!”


Trout’s insistence won! thank goodness for yoga and keeping me limber =)!


Apparently all of my running/hide-and-seeking with my little men left the littlest pooped! 

Happy Easy Running All!

Thank you Michele over at for your words of wisdom! 

How many of you suffer from too fast-itis? I might watch too much Doc McStuffins with the boys and make everything an “itits”.




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