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Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

It’s a “day-by-day” kind of thing


As a runner, mother, wife, and someone who is type A to begin with…it is really easy to focus on the “big picture”.  I find myself getting completely overwhelmed when I try to think of things in the sense of  days, weeks, months, or years.

Training for Boston has been a very new idea for me.  I usually just pick a program on pinterest and try to put in the miles, never paying attention to the pace, type of run, just the miles.  

If I sit and think about the work I have to do in order to get me to my goal come April 18th…I’m pretty sure I could start a full blown panic attack to last me until next year.

I would like to think of myself as someone living in the present, but lets be honest…I’m living in the past, present, and future usually all at the same time and could be considered certifiably crazy at times.  I set the intention today of living in each moment.

So that is what I did today and hope to continue  in the future…because it really worked!

This morning I woke up and did my run at 5:30 am


My only focus was this run…not what I needed to do tomorrow or what next week’s mileage would bring…my goal was to run 5 miles at a slow recovery pace and I did just that.


The boys surprisingly enough woke up with me and were being incredibly lovey on the couch while I ran….revel in this moment….I will revel in this moment!


Normally when I am into juicing, I will think to myself, “I’m going to buy a whole bunch of veggies and start juicing all the time!” which ends up in a very stressful shopping trip and huge disappointment when the food doesn’t get used up in time.  Instead…I grabbed ingredients I happen to have on hand and made myself a juice.  If I have a juice tomorrow, great, if I don’t…not worried about that…just enjoyed my beet, celery, carrot, lemon, ginger, apple, and pear juice…it was exactly what my body needed.

Between waking up early and getting my run in as well as having Bodhi up early to start school sooner…our school day was done and we were ready to have “fun” by 1!

So we headed to the local pottery painting spot and I let the boys explore their creative sides!  




Typical me would have gotten paranoid about the potential mess that might occur…but I let the boys really have fun and didn’t worry about anything other then spending time with them and watching them “create”.



I always love to see what unfolds when I don’t help with their art.  I have taken a backseat approach and have been loving it…it’s a lot more freeing for all of us when I just let their art happen rather then force it to look the way I think it should…you’d be amazed how many parents I see at the place dictating every color, brush, and move their kid makes.

By 5 pm we were happy, tired, hungry, and ready for dinner and bed.  It’s amazing how this living in the moment thing can be highly productive as well as extremely exhausting.  I am loving this approach to my running as well as everything else in my day…


I think Trout would agree that this living in the moment stuff is a good idea!  I love my boys and their unique personalities!


Trout says, “you should give this day-by-day” stuff a try! he is the master of cool, calm, and collected, (as long as their aren’t any trains in sight 😉 ).

Do you get overwhelmed by looking at the big picture?

How do you approach your training program? day by day? or knowing everything you need to do the moment you pick a race?





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