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Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

Hobbies are Necessary

Running for me is not what I would consider a “hobby”.  Running is part of me, it helps me cope with my excess “energy”, it is a form of moving meditation.

However, I know that running all the time, running hard and never having a break…is not good for my health.  Having an “outlet” is so beneficial.  Thankfully my OCD translates into my ability to find  interest in a multitude of actives:





Sewing, surprisingly enough, has been the best outlet for me for keeping my body still, while allowing my mind to remain active.  I never was a home economics wiz.  I think I scraped by with a C-.  School, in general, wasn’t my strong suit..I had too much busy energy to ever focus, (which is funny, because in college I was on the deans list for academics….It’s amazing what happens when you have a professor who loves what they’re doing and you are equally excited about what you’re learning).

With the weather being cold…fleece has been my fabric of choice; not to mention there is a ton of fun prints and patterns to chose from.

My latest project was this


Ryan bought me a sewing machine a few Christmases ago.  I told him he wasn’t allowed to buy anything really nice…I never felt guilted into sewing because of it and now sewing is kind of my “thing”, (thanks to youtube I have been able to sort-of self teach).20160111084649.jpg

No fancy equipment needed…that’s the way I prefer it!


This is the end-result! I was nervous of how it would turn out….I was pleasantly surprised and now won’t be taking it off unless I’m running, (if only I could make running shorts out of fleece 😉 ).


Trout was not impressed with my wanting to take a photo of my sewing “master piece” it looks a lot better in person.

Keeping busy for me is critical and I still find the most relief in movement so thankfully on my days “off” I still do some ab work, (like planks or burpees)


I found this shirt online and love it! I don’t normally wear things with sayings…but this had to be mine once I saw what it said!

“Gluten is my Kryptonite” (my hair was covering up the “gluten” part).

I forgot to mention…I consider “teaching” my boys not only my job, but also something I find great joy in.


Bodhi makes “teaching” entirely too easy…this boy loves to learn! 


Homeschooling also affords me the ability to wear leggings all day long while lounging on a couch as my men work…rough life…but somebody has to do it =)

I’m not the only one in need of hobbies to divert my busyness…..



Rouix, my male chessie, has a sore leg…so no walks until the limp goes away.  I bought some “mind games” for them for Christmas…they love them! I feel better knowing that while they’re bodies might be unsettled…they’re minds are getting some action! 

Another “hobbie” or rather “addiction” is amazon shopping;  I shouldn’t have become a “prime” member!  With free 2 day shipping; instant-gratification might be getting the better of me.


My latest order arrived!


My latest purchase consisted of collagen peptides; a new brand I am interested in trying.  Collagen peptides are a dissolvable form of gelatin that is great for tissue repair as well as digestive health.  I also bought some “girlie things”, which had a lot to do with Trout sleeping through the night, how I’ve been scaling back the intensity of my runs, and eating lots of healthy fats…I got my period back! (after a 3 year hiatus between pregnancy and nursing…sorry if this was not something you wanted to hear).

I have learned to take great pride in being a woman and really honor all aspects! Ryan will act all squeamish and funny…I’ll gently remind him that if not for the “icky” stuff…he wouldn’t be here…so suck it up 😉  

To hopefully make life a lot easier while running, (as I have never trained or ran with my period! I’ve either been pregnant, nursing, and before babies I wouldn’t have considered myself much of a “runner”)….I bought “sea pearls” and Lena cup.  I have used the sponges in the past and love them…however, they are not preferred when needing to use public restrooms…I was curious about the “Lena cup” and willing to give it a try.

I hate how we are supposed to use products that contain bleach, materials we use to insulate our homes with (fiberglass), and other hormone “disruptors”…so I’ve been on a mission to be kinder to my body while going through my female “thing”.   I am hoping that between the two options I will find success.

Hobbies and period talk…I’m sure this will be a hit with my male readers, (aka Ryan, Dad, and my brother..sorry guys!)

What are your hobbies aside from running?

Have you heard of alternative products for all things periods? If any of you are interested click Here or Here for the products I bought!



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