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I never Would have Thought!

When I found out that I qualified for Boston I was sure that I would spend a good amount of time running on the treadmill.  Winter in ND, especially where we live, can be COLD.  Cold doesn’t bother me as much as the wind and dampness in the air that go along with the cold.

Thankfully, with my God-sent running friends as well as running gear designed for our kind of cold…most of my long runs have been outdoors!  “I never would have thought” turned into “I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way!”


What do you do when it is cold, sunny, and sunglasses don’t remedy that “ice-cream-headache” kind of cold you feel on your forehead? wear your ski goggles! Sadly, my goggles get used more for running these days then skiing…they still get used so I will take that over nothing any day of the week.

By the way, blue-bird days, like today’s pictured above…10 x’s colder then when it is cloudy and snowing…I always tell people that you know it is cold when it is too cold to snow! When people here complain about it snowing…I always rebudle with, “thank goodness it’s snowing! that means its warm!”

I brought my furry babies out with me today, I think they really enjoy some much-needed one on one time with their mom.  We don’t get to spend a lot of quality time together these days and I am always more then happy to enjoy those moments when I can!  

My dogs are as good as children..they have been there with me through my 20’s, they’ve seen me transform from a newly married lady to a mom and a mom again.  They have moved across country with me.  Tulle and Rouix have always been there to kiss away my tears and pick up any scraps left on the floor by their pesky brothers, (they know how much I love a clean house 😉 ).


Rouix is getting this whole “selfie” thing down better then me! what a ham! By the way, I’m pretty sure I’m part ape! I’ve had people on more then one occasion comment on how long my arms are…I didn’t think anything of it until this photo from today 😉 I would like to think of my freakishly long arms as an advantage over someone else trying to grab the last cookie at the same time as me 😉 

How come I am always the coldest looking one in the photo? hmmmmm…..

Aside from a 7 mile run on my agenda…I spent a good portion of the day cooking my lasagna, quick and easy tomato soup,  and baking pumpkin whoopee pies in celebration of my friend Sarah and her husband Brian’s 12th year anniversary.  Being a fellow married lady…I realize the sacrifice and growth it takes for two people to be married that long and come out the other end happier, more in love, and stronger as a team; baking is not my strong suit…so I only bust it out on special occasions, this was definitely one of those moments.


These were gluten free, dairy free, but not taste-free…I loved how they weren’t super sweet.  They had pumpkin and molasses in them, which gave it a sort of savory element.  I am in love!  Sarah & Brian…hope they brought you much inspiration! or at least a happy belly 😉

We had friends over for dinner and I love love love to cook for my friends! I think even if I didn’t have my two boys, I would be labeled as a mom.  I love all things that represent motherhood, nourishing your loved ones, always wanting to make sure everyone is safe;  I never went a visit to our local pub back in WY, (before kids) where I didn’t want to take one of the lonely looking oil-field guys at the bar home so that I could feed them and make sure they had a safe place to stay, (Ryan thought I was lovable, but weird when I would express my concern over burgers…thankfully he found it more lovable than weird!)

Dinner went well…hoping to have many more with the same crowd in the near future.

This weekend has been kind of a blur.  Looking forward to the week.  I love the goes by too fast…so I’ve gotten good at training myself to look forward to the weekdays too! silly I know!

Tomorrow I go in for a consult with an orthodontist! I have had braces twice and an expander.  My teeth aren’t crooked anymore, but i’ve noticed with getting older and not having a retainer…my teeth have been changing on me again…I also grind my teeth like crazy and feel like it has been affecting my bite….to grow older….it has its pitfalls too 😉

Happy weekend to all!  

What is your cold threshold?

How many of you are running Boston?


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