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The Company You Keep

My dad was extremely wise.  He always told me that you can tell a lot by a person based on the company they keep; meaning look at a person’s friends and you’ll get a pretty good idea of who they are.

I believe my dad had a lot of wise things to say, but that particular point stood out the most and has followed me throughout life.  

I think based on his beliefs, my dad would be tickled pink if he knew the friends I have now as well as the people who really inspire me to be the best version of myself.

First: these girls!


I lucked out when I moved to ND; I hit the jackpot in regards to running buddies.  Brittney and Sarah are so completely different, but they both have the same amazing quality…a love for running.  These girls get me through the coldest of weather and some of my many “venting” sessions…I only hope I return the favor 10 fold.20160109071522.jpg

Notice my “solo” shot is not nearly as smiley as my friend photo…I literally light up when I am in their company!

I have a lot of other great friends that don’t run….if only  I could get them to pose in front of a camera at 6 am 😉 (It’s good to have friends that join you in the crazy and those that support you, but would never in a million years do what you do…we wouldn’t want all of our friends to be carbon copies).  Hopefully they know as they follow along with my blog that I am just as stoked to have all of my friends, (runners or not) in my life! Having family so far away…my friends literally are like family to me!


I find that in order to find those that are like-minded/good for the soul…it requires going to places that you love.  Today I ran 19.5 miles and then decided hot yoga was needed.  I rarely “go out” to practice yoga these days…but the moment I showed up and saw all these amazing yogis loving class along side of me…I instantly felt a connection and was glad to be there! 

Nora, over at YogifyU, is an incredible instructor and I’m pretty sure I am obsessed with her eyelashes!  Silly thing to obsess over…but if you ever get the pleasure of taking one of her classes you’ll realize that aside from her “zen” like personality…those lashes are hard not to notice! 

Quick tangent….yoga is a great addition to running! I can’t promote it enough…I feel so much better when I have kept on top of stretching and focusing on my breath in conjunction with movement; it really translates to keeping calm when you’re in the “heat” of a race and trying to maintain a steady breath.  

Yoga isn’t just good for keeping limber; Try out some goddess squats…and I’m pretty sure you’ll wonder how more people aren’t trading in heavy weights for a “gentler” approach to strength training, (don’t let the word “gentle” fool you…goddess squats literally kick your butt).


look! I was a chem partner to a “model” 😉 ha! I hope you enjoyed that comment Shayla!

So, unfortunately I haven’t hung out with this lady since college Chem lab, (best chem lab partner hands down).  However, I have been talking up the brand, “sauce” like mad lately because I love their products and lo and behold…my past chem partner is the founder!  Shayla got a giddy email from me and returned my enthusiasm with making the comment that  of course she remembered me and she has seen me run around Bozeman when I’m in town…this of course put a huge smile on my face!


I ordered a pair of their pepper pants and I’m in love! they are soft, stretchy, comfortable….minus the fact that my legs don’t stretch the length of any regular length pant, (which is easily remedied by folding the bottoms)…I will be sporting these pants whenever I can! (meaning everyday…because everyday is an active pants wearing kind of never know when you’ll get the chance to do yoga real quick or go out for a run).


Don’t mind the shorty…admire the pants! they’re amazing!


this is my “make me look taller” pose! is it working?  😉

The greatest company I keep; this guy (as well as  the littlest and biggest not pictured)


Bodhi was helping us pick out paint colors and I had to take a photo of my little model! he was sporting my homemade fleece gear, (the hat and bandana).  I love my boys to pieces and they instantly make me look like a legit mom 99% of the time when they are being kind, sweet, loving, caring little men that already hold the door open for people and say please and thank you without ever being prompted….I love you Bodhi and Trout! (you too Rye…you know I don’t do public display of affection well).

It’s all int he company you keep! with that said…I’m pretty spoiled!

ps…mom, steph, tim, val, kiddos…of course your the best kind of company too! I figured that went without saying 😉 !





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