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Run Nelly Run

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Ideal versus Realty

Ideally I would be waking up feeling rested, ready to go for the day, and be able to have everything I need to get done before my boys wake up.

Reality is that I wake up, blurry eyed, get my run in, and crawl back into bed with my toddler or spend the morning trying to clean up from the toddler tornado the day prior.


A deviant thinking up a plan of how he can undo my clean up job quicker today then he did yesterday…I swear it’s a game 😉

In a perfect world….

The funny thing is, I really prefer my life of realism rather then having everything go perfectly.  Am I masochistic? I think some would argue.

With Boston training well underway I have had a lot of things going through my mind; guilt, self-doubt, excitement, fear….all wrapped into one crazy package.  I am super excited for Boston and trying to remember the most important and exciting part is that I get to run Boston…the rest is just icing on the cake.

However, I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was feeling the “pressure” to perform and seeing all the juggling I have had to do already to make my goals happen makes the importance of doing more than “just making it” 10 x’s stronger.

Am I losing sleep over it? no, (well, yes…but I think the early wake-up call is actually good for my moral), are my children suffering over my dedication to training? NO.  if anything they get the long-end of the stick; their  mom is sweet as pie when she runs,  a little more tired so when they are being particularly stubborn I cave in quicker,


“what mom? you don’t want to pull down all of my cloths from the hangers?”

and I am much more apt to snuggle 10 hours more, because that means I end up falling asleep trying to put Trout down for a nap and he stays in my arms the entire time, (which is a great side effect to training! I won’t complain about extra snuggle time with my boys ever).

My house does look like a bomb went off in it most of the time, dinner is almost always a vegan affair, (which is fine for me…but my carnivorous husband is about running out of patience), and I’ve had way too many days where I’ve felt like I was on auto-pilot…I don’t like that feeling.


Ideally I would get everything done in a day:

  • my running Rx
  • my son homeschooled effortlessly, and done before 2 pm
  • my dogs exercised and loved on in the time and manner in which they desire
  • lots of play time with my boys
  • dinner on the table without feeling like I’ve just gone to battle
  • spending more time with Ryan who is gone entirely too many hours out of the day
  • time to spare to type and go to bed at a decent hour

The reality of the situation is a run, homeschooling that sometimes ends early and sometimes ends right before bed, dogs who will on the occasion run along a farm road after mom has done her morning run on the treadmill (they don’t like leashed runs so I end up pulling them and pushing a stroller…the treadmill is a happier option for all of us a lot of the time)20160107093425.jpg


My boys always get a lot of play time….”scheduled exercise/recess” however, translates to a walk after dinner to our favorite place for dairy-free soft serve while waiting for dad to arrive home from work after a too long work day, (tonight the boys were too anxious for his arrival so a walk in the fresh air to their favorite treat made the waiting bearable).


What is your “reality” like?

If you could live a day in the life of one person who would it be? my boys! let’s be honest…they get nutritious and delicious food made for them whenever they request, they play, get someone to pick up after them, their hair always looks great no matter what, Ryan gives them googly eyes that I never get to see, and their biggest concern is if they’ll get to have 1 story or 2 read to them before bed….so glad they’re life is so uncomplicated =)!




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