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What a Double Run Day Looks Like for Me

I have every good intention of going to be earlier, but between not getting to spend enough time with my husband who arrives home late and taming two wild beasts who instantly get wound up the moment their dad enters the house…it rarely happens that I see my pillow before 10!

This morning I was greeted by my alarm at 4:30 am.

Trout of course woke up when he heard me moving around.

Him and I grabbed my gear and I headed down to the basement, put on “Little Einsteins” (besides trains, Trout is in LOVE with music), and got to work running.


My run went like this:

2 mile w/u at an easy pace

3 x 15 min. steady state pace with 3 min. rest inbetween

ended at an easy pace until I reached 10 miles


I tried setting my treadmill at a 1% incline for the duration of the workout…I think it’s safe to say the hills here in ND are keeping me plenty in shape for any incline, (let’s hope it stays that way!)

Trout and I went back upstairs, I took my green drink/probiotic/collagen peptide/maca mixture and we headed to the bedroom for a quick nap, (this was 7 am).  

I set my alarm and we snoozed until it was time to head to our local art museum for the boys’ class, “A Start In Art”.  I would love to be an artist and I encourage my boys to explore their artistic sides…it is so much fun watching them “create”.


So stinking cute!


Today they read “The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse” by: Eric Carle, (same as the Hungry Caterpillar).  Their instruction was to make their own rendition of the polka dotted donkey in the book….it was really cute to see what they came up with.


Trout hard at work.



Bodhi is my serious artist!  He is really good with color; I wish I had that innate sensibility.


The finished product.  I really couldn’t have enough art work on display in my house….I’m that kind of mom!


After art, as long as the boys have been good, we go and get a “treat”, gluten-free cookies…Bodhi opted for a truffle this time…he is definitely my son!  ps I think my boys are having sympathy training hunger pains with me! they have a monstrous appetite lately!




After lunch was finished and Bodhi and I were wrapping up some schooling I got the boys bundled in the stroller, the dogs leashed, and headed out for 5 miles in the cold.  It really wasn’t that bad! In fact I ended up taking off my wind-breaker layer and sported a tank and my lightweight, 800 fill down over the tank.  Please excuse the awkward selfie…I really am not good at this photography thing!


The best thing about two per day runs…you get two running glows that I swear are better then using makeup! ( I don’t use a lot, well any make up so I might not be a good judge of that).  Running is my bliss…I think it is written all over my face =)

After my afternoon run, Bodhi and I finished up our schooling, got ready, and headed to gymnastics for an hour.  

Bodhi goes with the big boys and I hang with Trout in the “mommy and me” tot-class.  It is literally a harder work-out chasing him around then it is running any mileage!

5 pm…we are headed to the grocery store, buy dinner supplies, head home!


Thanks to Deliciously Ella…I borrowed ideas from her pesto recipe and made it my own.  Dinner was one of my favorites! ( I had 3rds!)

By this time at night, I’m tired, ready for bed, and still want to write to you all….

SO that in a nut-shell is what my typical two/day run days look like.  I refuse to make everyone change their life around so that I can “fit in” a run…that means early wake-up calls and using a dog walk as another opportunity to get my second run in….all a labor of love!

Do you have double run days?

How do you schedule both of your runs?





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