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Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

My Race Plans

I am excited to say that Ryan, our friend Russell, and my friend as well as an amazing runner, Sarah, and I are running the Bighorn Trail Run!  





a sneak peak of our view while running!

Ryan and Russell will be running 18 miles

I will be running 32 miles ( I included the elevation’s going to be tough!)


Sarah, my ultra marathon running stud-muffin of a friend will be running 50 miles!

I would have scoffed at such a thought even 6 month ago, but since meeting Sarah I have been tempted by the idea of becoming an ultra marathoner!

The race is 7 weeks after I run Boston.  My goals for Boston are to always finish, and finish with a smile…my plan B and primary plan I don’t want to say only because I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment…paranoid, yes…but I’m nervous to even have a goal that is related to a specific time!

Other then Boston and my 32 mile trail race…my plans are up in the air.  

Unfortunately, where I live, there isn’t much for races.  In order for me to have any chance at a race I have to drive at least 10 hours away….I’m planning on running a half a month before Boston…I’m still looking for something as close as possible and a “faster” course to help boost my confidence!

How am I planning to reach my goals?


a lot of miles on the treadmill, (I am being a realist…training during the week with a heavy stroller is not typically “easy” or possible)


Incorporating more of this! I don’t like supplements, nutrition bars/drinks…but I do know that since I am not a huge fan of animal protein..I have to get it somewhere else! I want to maintain and build so that I am getting stronger/faster.  

I am also going to continue eating like I do


Dinner tonight was quinoa butternut risotto with roasted mushrooms, (a spin off of deliciously ella’s recipe).  I know how important eating a well rounded diet is with lots of variety.  Thankfully I am okay with trying new things and I like left overs…those two things make me an easy “athlete” to feed.


I’ll be depending on this guy for a lot of support! Ryan is the best training bud I could ask for.  He supports my passions, encourages me to go after my dreams, and he is such a great dad that I don’t worry ever about him and the boys while I’m out on my long run or running in a race.


It’s safe to say these boys love their Dad! he is a much better book reader then me! he does voices that Bodhi busts out in belly laughter over! I melt every time!


Trout was trying to be like his daddy! seriously…these men!

Between training with A LOT of help from my coach, the support and company from my running friends and Nark Running Family, Added protein, continuing to eat lots of yummy & healthy food, as well as having the love and support from my family…I’m really hopeful for a great running year!






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