Run Nelly Run

Run Nelly Run

Running through life as self-proclaimed house wife, mother, homeschooler, and wanna-be chef

Running is a “Bootyfull” Thing!

Running comes with a lot of side effects

  • running hair, i.e. “rats nest” that is impossible to comb out after a run in any moisture/windy conditions
  • good solid hour of natural blush! beats the fake stuff anyday
  • happy hormones
  • chaffing that doesn’t present itself until after you’ve stepped in the shower,  instantly collapsing you from the pain
  • hunger.  I am always hungry.
  • a weird obsession with weather

I know there is a plethora of other side effects, lists, anecdotes out there much funnier and better written than mine, but these are the one’s I notice the most!

The biggest and most unsuspecting of side effects in my world as of late has been my bum!


this is how I felt about the latest development 😉

Please excuse my vanity for a second…it really doesn’t and won’t happen again!

Aside from the fact that I have never had much of anything to sit on….building gluteal muscles has been heaven sent for a couple of reasons:

  1.  I finally don’t look like I am constantly wearing plumber pants (not the crack bearing kind, the hangs off the no-bum look…great visual huh!), even my leggings were holding on for dear life!
  2. Most importantly, and the real reason that developing a derriere is a thing to celebrate is the strength that comes with more muscle!

North Dakota might look flat on the maps….however, I just happen to live where there is plenty of hill training to be had.  I can’t leave my neighborhood without either having to go up or down a hill only having to return to it on my way back.

Add pushing 52 lbs of one child, 25 lbs of another, and throw in a 60 lb stroller…I guess my body has been reaping the benefit of a gym-free, but still very weight-intensive running regimen! (I’m not trying to go for bad a*@ status…just trying to build one, get it? ha!)20160104073110.jpg

These boys have quite a life! I really wouldn’t have it another way, in case I ever elude to being upset about “hauling” my gang around with me on a lot of my runs.  How could a mother resist when their little one’s look up at you so lovingly!

It’s so funny how runners are portrayed as waif-like figures…when really they are some of the strongest people I know!  It has been so reaffirming in my training that my body hasn’t been burning away at my muscle to keep up with the demands…I’m actually building!

Do any of you feel this way about running and where muscle just happens to place itself?

Aside from the fact that my backside has left nonexistent status in the dust…I had so much to be thankful for today!


ps…all my sun shots have a green dot in them, hmmm.

Whether walking or running, communing with nature is soul-satisfying goodness!


Not a long stretch of heaven, but enough to keep this girl happy!


My Rooster is the happiest of all for our walk outdoors today.  My dogs aren’t much for my running, even though then can outrun me when given proper motivation, they’ve been enjoying walks and brief moments when I secretly let them off the leash to be free, (of course not in anyone’s yard or where they could cause trouble…a dogs gotta feel free!)

Having more then one of my favorite headbands is definitely something to smile about! I have learned that living in a cold place doesn’t mean you have to look cold and miserable.


Lastly, I’m thankful that I am able to eat as good and healthy as I do! It really is a treat to eat food that is not only good for my body, but it also tastes amazing! I chalk that up to my parents who instilled a love of all things cooking, food, and eating good into their children’s life! (and Ryan who works so hard so that I can grow/buy such awesome food…food where we live is spendy!)


Veggie noodle Thai salad.  I gleamed the idea from Danielle over at Not only is this women inspiring, kind, smart, and so much more…she makes really good food!  You should check out her blog!


to get recipe click HERE.

I did substitute sun butter for the almond butter.  I also didn’t have any cayenne, and it really needs a kick of heat!  The salad dressing alone is amazing, but add it to the veggies and it is my favorite salad!

Do any of you appreciate the “bootyful” aspect of running?

Are you a thai food fan?






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