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Are You Getting Enough?

The point of my blog isn’t to bestow my knowledge as the end-all-be-all of information out there related to food, running, parenting, etc….However, I can tell you about myself in hopes that some of you will relate and others will disagree, hopefully that will start conversations in your own lives to get the ball rolling towards your goals.

With that being said…



Are you getting enough?

Silly question, I’m sure! aren’t we all drinking the recommended 8, 8 oz. glasses a day?! (however, that recommendation is old-school, but you know where I’m going, right?).  I had to bring this topic up for a couple of reasons.

  1.  I have been making a huge effort to drink as much water as possible lately, subsequently, my health/energy has improved.
  2. My mood and OCD-type thoughts have greatly improved!

You’d think that with my background in health and nutrition I would know that water is necessity.  I used to drink nalgene bottle after nalgene.  However, for no good excuse other then I wasn’t being good about drinking enough…I decided several weeks ago that I had to drink more H2O!

What did I do to drink more water?


I broke out my biggest mason jar, bought fun straws, (I have a thing about my teeth hitting glass & because my boys love colored straws)…and filled that bad boy up.  Every time it would be empty I would fill it up again immediately.  So simple, but something I wasn’t doing!

In the morning I like to start my day with a big glass of water, tepid;  I personally don’t like ice-cold water…you can’t drink a lot at a time and it’s winter…I don’t need things making my body work harder to stay warm. I love adding lemon or lime, (they’re a great way to help raise your pH..making for a more alkaline body, in turn I’m typically sick less/healthier overall).

You guys…what a difference!

Like I said, my energy is up, I don’t look as tired (my eyes especially look less puffy and sleepy), my skin looks brighter, my mood is happier, and this one is the greatest and least expected change of all…I don’t obsess over my usual mental challenges, (I lovingly call this mama brain).  

I usually have a million and one thoughts, cravings, should and should nots floating around in my noggin and a lot of it has subsided with good ol’ hydration, who woulda thunk? though now it makes total sense! the best part about incorporating water is that my body craves more water! yay! (it’s funny how when you are dehydrated you don’t realize it until you start to drink more and then that’s all your body craves).

Should you be drinking more?

If you’re running outdoors in the cold like us in ND; yes! you should be drinking more!


Seriously? how does this girl always look impeccable when running? Then there is crazy frost lady! It’s no wonder people were staring at me as I was buying groceries after my run today 😉


Are you hiking and playing with your kids?  Yup, you need more!  My boys each have five million water bottles of their own, (that’s not even an exaggeration!) and they have water all around the house so there is always a chance for them to grab a drink…thankfully they are plenty hydrated!

20160103081616.jpgAre you a crazy mom who thought it would be better to pull your kids in a sled on your walk today rather then push them in a stroller? heck yes! you need more water! (by the way…I’m really talking about me!)

Do you breast feed a toddler? yup

Training for a marathon? yup

Are you a walking, talking, breathing, living human being? yup, yup, yup!

In all seriousness…it couldn’t hurt to add some more water, i.e. liquid gold, into your daily routine.  I’m sure you could over do it, moderation folks…however, I know from personal experience that I wasn’t drinking near enough…having my mason jar around and always full has really helped.

Just because I can’t get enough of these cute men of mine!


ready to roll mom!


who needs a sledding hill when you have a crazy  mom who tries to pull you really fast down a mini slope?! these boys have a skewed perception about their mom’s role in their lives 😉


super exhausted from all this riding!


in case you weren’t tired after that trek mom, I’m awake and ready to play in the snow! ps used his fleece bandana to keep his head warm..he felt pretty cool!

If you are looking for a great head band to run in during the winter….


my headband is ideal for cold weather!

I am in love with my Sauce headband, (I have two!)  They come in all sorts of colors and designs.  They have hats, beanies, headbands, and apparel, (I am eyeing their pants!).  I would check them out!

How many of you feel like you could use more water?

Trick or tips on how you keep water around to drink at all times?

Favorite water flavor? plain, citrus, essential oil added? I love ONE DROP (this had to be exaggerated…oils are to be used with extreme care and caution) of peppermint oil in my water when I’m feeling extra sleepy or nauseous.







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