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I Completely Forgot!

Today was my long run.  Mat had me down for a 17 mile run with the second half being faster then the first.  I completely forgot what it was like running at an “uncomfortable” pace!  I wasn’t even pushing it, I was “crusing along” at my usual easy, long-run pace….but, it was tough!

I’m not going to lie…I had a major lump in my throat…but then I remembered:

WIND + HILLS = Only makes you tougher and the less hilly and windy days 10 x’s better!

Before I end my whine fest…let me preface by saying, that I am used to running my long runs halfway into the wind…it was this gosh-darn hill that I ran twice, (a mile long at 8%) and the 1/2 mile long hill by my house that made my legs feel like led.


This is what it looked like a mile away from where I finished…the sun was rising and it was beautiful.  The hill is so long you can’t see it all in one picture…gotta love long hills!


This was taken at the same time just looking downhill.  Crazy, right?!  Trying to balance  family time as well as wanting to run with my favorite running buds on the weekend…I’ve gotten really good at enjoying an early morning run…this view made it all seem worth it! I was excited to see the moment where night and dawn seem to melt from one into the other!


proof I am neither photogenic or good at taking “selfies” 😉

My exhausted, just finished stronger face! I did it!  Thankfully I had Brittney and Sarah to enjoy the first 9 with! what would I do without my girls?!


I almost forgot that I love wearing nail polish too!  I ordered some ella + mila nail polish ; I’m not a fan of the idea of wearing something with formaldehyde in it.   After unskillfully applying the polish and allowing it to dry, I was in love with how it turned out!  I apologize ahead of time for what you are about to see. I have not applied nail polish since I was in high school, (maybe that is an exaggeration…but it is safe to say I don’t wear a lot of anything but the necessities)20160102085515.jpg

It is still stinky, but the smell goes away quickly.  I love that it feels more “hardy”.  Some natural nail polish, like piggy paint, is cheap and fun for kids…but it flakes away easily; not appropriate for a mom who washes her hands a million times a day from cleaning up toddler mess after toddler mess.

The rest of my day I would have love to have spent it at a leisurely pace, however, I have boys so that is not an option.  Bodhi has been in love with skiing.  We headed up to our local ski park and cruised up and down the slopes a couple hundred times, came back home, and had dinner with these crazy gremlins (all within 4 hours…impressive!)


Best way to eat dinner with two young children, in case you were dying to know, lots of stain-resistant toys & watching things they love, (books, plastic lego duplos, or trains on youtube).  

No, we don’t normally let our boys eat at the table with toys, iPads, distractions in general…..BUT! when you’re a tired mama, your husband is downstairs chiseling away at another house project, (which I can only imagine he keeps coming up with to avoid crazy kid duty 😉 ).  

I’m off to bed! I’m tired.  I’m hoping I will wake up refreshed and ready to go at it all over again…however, when you’re as tired as I feel at this moment…you question wether that is ever really possible, (and some how it usually is! funny how being a parent while also wanting to become better at running makes you a little bit tougher, or maybe just crazier).  

What’s worse, a run with lots of hills or wind?  I’d say both, but that’s cheating! I don’t mind hills, so I’d have to say wind is worse






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