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Laying Down Roots in the New Year


It has been awe-inspiring, (which happens to be one of my favorite adjectives of 2015…hmmm what will 2016’s be?!)  to read all of my fellow love-of-runners who have run thousands of miles in the year 2015.  I wish I would have kept track of my mileage better so that I could see how many miles I’ve chugged away at!

I didn’t start out my New Year with a run, but I did something equally awesome, I dare say even better!  


Ryan and I loaded up the boys and enjoyed a beautiful, blue-bird day and decided to take in a walk.  I love walking with Ryan.  It usually consists of me talking A LOT and him being super sweet and pretending to think I’m the most interesting person in the world 😉


I love watching my two furry friends run in the snow! Nothing better then knowing I’m not the only one a freak about running and snow combined…could there be any better combination?


I kind of geeked out, well a lot geeked out, when I saw this…..can you guess what it is?


A skate skier! that means I can take mine out and go for a spin.  I have been missing skate skiing terribly since moving to the midwest.  Back in WY I had miles of groomed trails all winter long…I was spoiled! Sorry to the skier who probably thought I was a creeper for taking his photo…I just had to capture the beautiful site!


Because I’m not into labeling food as “good” vs. “bad”.  I would rather think of food as what nourishes my body versus what feeds my soul….these no-bake pb bars definitely feed the soul!




I’m going to have to have my boys hide them, they’re too good!

Happy New Years!  Hope you are hopeful and excited for what’s to come in 2016!


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