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I Don’t Normally Do This!

I admit I’ve been kind of, actually a lot of, a cynic when it comes to new years resolutions.  I think it has a lot to do with my own inability to stick to something completely unrealistic, (like never swearing again or only eating chocolate on the weekends…or swearing off chocolate all together!) or the fact that in my mind resolutions are like promises; and in my life…promise is as bad as a four letter word if spoken in our household (it leads to expectations, which inevitably leads to disappointment, and in the end someone is let down).


This year, I thought I would be a rebel and make resolutions, one for each area of my life: being a wife, mom, and for myself.

Wifely Resolution:  I think every couple has probably committed to this notion at least once in the relationship, so I thought it was time I do the same.  Ryan and I are committing to making more time for each other.  It doesn’t have to be much, just an extra 5 minutes at the table after dinner or as simple as sending a text while we are away from each other.  A life with kids can leave a marriage with a lot of holes…if you don’t make sure to fill them…at some point somethings going to break.  I plan on being in it for the long hall with my husband and I think this is a realistic, beneficial goal to have.

Mama Resolution:  I hate to admit this, but I kind of am a reactive parent.  Most days, I am madly, completely in love with my boys..but, after a full day with them and countless questions from Bodhi as well as Trout screeching at every little upset…leaves me a little on edge.  

This year I am not saying that I will never yell again or be a complete zen mama 100% of the time.  However, I am aiming to be a proactive parent.  I have thought long and hard about what it means to me to be “proactive”.  I’ve decided that, for me, it means instead of yelling redirecting my child in a positive direction, (if Bodhi is picking on Trout, have him immediately help me with a chore or pick something up off the floor).  I am also going to stop and take a breath before I do decide to get upset to allow myself a moment.  

This is all fine and dandy, is it unrealistic? I would like to think not…I was raised with a very patient, mild-mannered, kind Dad who never yelled and he taught me how to fight fare, love unconditionally, as well as have 3 children who loved him so completely that even after his passing…we always have more then a million good things to say about him, daily.  

Me-Centered Resolution:  Listen completely and fully verbatim the goals/training set forth by my running coach.  Mat, I’m sure your like, “hey dummy…aren’t you supposed to do that anyways?!”  I want to make sure that my easy days are in fact SUPER EASY. I have noticed already that when I do follow exactly what he says, I have a better run.  

My goal is to make it to Boston still completely in love with running.  I don’t want to take running to a place where my body breaks down, my family loses patience, or I am only focused on what I have to do rather then what I love to do.  


I’m excited to reign in the new year with the Nark Running Strategies Family!

I’m really hoping with the resolutions I’ve set forth that I’m not setting myself up for failure.  However, I’d like to think the fact that I’ve set more “goals” rather then trying to make drastic changes to who I am…it will at least be a great way to set an intention for the year.

AS for us party animals and how we’re choosing to celebrate the New Year…I ran a VERY icy, uncomfortable run with my boys and pups


Bodhi was super awesome while I had a “play date” (meaning coffee with my friend Sarah).  I pulled off on our street and let him help me park my car…he is getting really good at this steering thing!


don’t worry mom, I got this!


super serious 😉

It has been surprisingly comfortable out.  It probably seems cool to some, but 23 degrees is spring weather around here.  We have a local sledding hill at the high school.  The boys and I have been hitting it up the last couple of days, so today we thought we would try out our new sleds down a slicked down slope….it was fun!  I love how much of a dare devil my boys are, (I’m sure this will bite me in the butt later…but it is fun that we can really have fun and head down the hill going super speedy).


Bodhi riding backwards on his the sled, wonderfully crazy boy!


This boy has the good life right now…too little to hike so he gets to ride up hill in the sled


Couldn’t leave out this guy! He reminds me so much of my dad! I love how playful and tender hearted he is towards our boys <3

Happy New Year!

Tomorrow is an off day from running, my plans are yoga, snuggling with boys, and a walk with my doggies in 2016!







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