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The Man Behind the Name

I get a lot of questions about my boys names, in particular Trout.  Seeing is that the little man is turning 2 tomorrow I thought no better time to tell you about the man behind the name and the day he decided to make it earth side.


seconds after birth

My conception story was riddled with a lot of can’ts and wont’s…After an unsuccessful visit to the OB I was given the prognosis that my odds of conceiving “naturally” were slim to none and I would have to consider other methods.  I admire those who can go the “less traveled” route of in vitro or using meds to help the body ovulate…however, Ryan and I both agreed that if it didn’t happen naturally we didn’t want to force it and would consider adoption.

I of course wallowed in pitty after my OB visit and went to the park with my 2 furry children to let them at least run around and be happy.  While I was at the park, quietly sobbing, a boy 3 1/2 (he added the half) years old came up to me.

This sweet, kind-natured little man stuck out his hand as if he had been doing this for the last 60 years and said, 

“hi, my name is Trout Ryan…I like your dogs can I play with them?”

Little did I know that those words would turn into the universes way of letting me know that motherhood was part of  my future.  

After him and I threw all of the broken branches we could find into the stream I brought him back over to his dad who was playing horseshoe near by.  This of course was not before Trout gave me the “sign” I needed.  He asked if I had a son…when I told him no…he said I should, because I was really nice and would be a good mom! At that very moment I new I was going to be a mom with every fiber of my being…you can’t write these things!!!!

Trout and I made it over to his dad who seemed young, “cool” and approachable…I introduced myself and asked him if in-fact his son’s name was Trout.  He answered with a resounding “yes!”.  He told me that he was into all things fishing and Trout was a product of  just that.  

Completely in love with his little man and his kind words that left me knowing in my soul that I was going to be a mom…I asked his dad if it were alright if I named my son someday after his.  He smiled like a kid on Christmas morning, and told me that he would be honored.  He said he didn’t foresee Trout making the top 10 kid names chart any time soon and the world could use more than one Trout.  I was elated!

After going through a considerable amount of the adoption process…like so many before us down the same path, we found out we were pregnant with our first babe, Bodhi.  

I never felt like I had “trout” in my belly with Bodhi…I knew that I would have another son…and almost 3 1/2 years later I was gifted with another boy who was destined to be Trout Tobin Turk-Bly…My gift from God…the one that gave me a clear message that everything was going to be okay and he was going to be in my life!


turkey’s done! Trout womb-side

Having this little man in my life, along with his equally awesome big brother, has made me feel happy to the point of paranoia.  I am so head over heels in love that the thought of not having them or me not being there is overwhelming…so I just chose to live in the moment and revel in the fact that I have a Trout and a Bodhi 😉

Tomorrow I will share his birth story…I always tell the boys on their birthdays about the day they were born.  Bodhi has loved the tradition and I hope Trout will too.

Real quick:

Today was another awesome cold-run day! Thanks Sarah for some of the most enjoyable 10 miles I’ve run thus far! 


The weather was considerably warmer and the boys needed some fresh air. Ryan and I bundled them up, leashed the pups, and took our gang over to the local sledding hill.


Bodhi insisted riding with his brother up the hill…no such luck…that boy needs to burn off his excess of energy


3 people on a very tiny sled…who is this mom? yeesh =)


phew! we made it…I was worried


Bodhi showing off, penguin style

If you have kids or pets..what is the story behind their name? would love to hear!



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