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Run Nelly Run

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All you need is…

Anyone interested in running in cold weather should read on!  Or if you’re wanting to make fun of someone who is silly enough to attempt such feats….all you need is…….


A long run in your coach’s plan for you.

Or if you’re like my amazing friend Brittney, the motivation and know how to devise your own plan.

This was what I woke up to before my long run.20151226075649.png

My scheduled long run included 16 miles.  Thankfully I had two amazing runner friends willing to put some of the miles in with me, phew!  


6 miles before our 6 am meet-up and I was ready to face the cold!


this was without the windchill factor added in. Awe ND wind…what would we do without you?


I think cold is relative to how many layers of long underwear you can wear before you can’t bend your knees properly.  Today, my magic number was 2 very thick pairs of long underwear, a wind stopper jacket, and a thermal hoodie underneath.  I made a fleece lined face gator for each and everyone one of us and I’m glad I did! 


See! aren’t they pretty?!  I tried to make one specific for each lady…pink for my disney loving friend Brittney and a girly, but not too girly print for miss Sarah, (don’t worry Sarah, I am the least of girly they come).  What’s my favorite kind of mascara?  The snow kind! check out our white lashes!


Please excuse the bum shot! it was funny how ice seemed to form on my rear…looked like I sat down in the snow 😉


We were all giggling at how silly we looked frosted over at the end of our 10 mile run.  I love that I have 2 awesome women to run with that find the humor in running in cold weather.  By the way…I was so cold I had frost bite on my cheek, it blistered, and then Trout scraped at my face…ummmm…ouch! the love of running, I tell ya.

Running in the cold wasn’t actually that cold…sure, at first your face, particularly the part between your hat and your brow, felt like one giant “brain freeze”, (the kind you get when you eat something really cold too fast).  Thankfully we numbed up and from then on it wasn’t bad! I promise! I even took my mittens off at some point because my hands were too hot.

Would I rather run in really cold weather or really hot?  I am a snow-loving, cold-weather kind of gal.  I don’t particularly like heat.  My philosophy is “you can always put more on, but you can only take so much off”…unless you live in France, Brazil, or some college town where nude running is acceptable 😉


The rest of my day consisted of a long, drawn-out thawing of the body, plenty of snuggles and play with my hooligans, (which included a dart board tournament, train track building galore, and a game of UNO), and watching Home Alone I & II.  Santa thought Bodhi would enjoy the humor, boy did he!  I forgot all the name calling, which Bodhi reminded us how naughty everyone talked….but as soon as the booby traps began…he was all laughter!  

Tomorrow my plan is to head out again.  I have a “cool down/recovery” run…and yes, it will definitely be a “cool down/recovery run” emphasis on COOL.   

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying a relaxing, laid back weekend…or are you like the Nark Running Family and I who are putting on miles as we gear up for spring marathons?






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