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Merry Christmas!

20151225075843.jpgI have been blessed to have quite a few days in my life that have left me wanting a rewind button, just so I could go back and relive it.  Today was one of those days!

I woke up early to make sure Santa ate at least part of the cookies left out as well as the carrots that Bodhi leaves for the reindeer.  I had to quickly grab carrots left behind, but otherwise he did good!

Every parent loves and dreads Christmas morning.  You love seeing the surprise on your child’s face, but don’t look forward to an even earlier wake-up call; I’ve heard of kids waking their mom and dad up at 3 am!

Thankfully, my boys sleep hard! Trout and I woke up before Bodhi and Ryan, so we had a bath, mom did a 12 minute plyometric workout, and we popped blueberry muffins in the oven….

8:45 rolls around….20151225075812.jpg

He is a little bit sleepy and a lot stunned about what he sees! this is what we live for as parents…making our sweet boys a little bit more excited about having faith in something they can’t see, never will, and yet still believe whole-heartedly.


You could gift me all the presents in the world, but nothing…..NOTHING would ever be as great as these three gifts right here! Running, good food, good company…those are just icing on the cake.


We got some silly gifts, Thanks Auntie Val!


Grandma sure knows how to shop for these boys!

The gift that totally caught me off guard, made me tear up from happiness and appreciation was this!


I wish I could have done a better job taking a picture of it! the light from our bay window was too bright and doesn’t do the color or detail justice!

Derek DeYoung is an artist that I have admired for as long as I’ve known Ryan.  He paints with bold colors and his inspiration is all things fish!  Color & fishing….what could be better?!


Here’s a better picture of how big the 4 piece canvas print is…it’s amazing!!!!! Ryan says I am officially an art collector.  By-the-way…I am a big believer in fostering an in-law relationship….Ryan’s mom and I have really grown to love and appreciate each other…if it weren’t for her, her husband Rusty, and Ryan…this wouldn’t be up on my wall!  I feel incredibly loved!


Because Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some “christmas pie”.  My Christmas Pie is gluten free, dairy free, raw, and 0h-so-amazing! In fact, it was the first thing I ate after giving birth to Trout, (at home) and it is the only thing that continues to nourish my soul in a food-sort-of way, (must be the memories of a pretty awesome birth day!).

Sending love, best wishes, and safe holiday your way!  Hoping you were able to spend it with the ones you love!!!




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