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Run Nelly Run

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Random Ramblings, Family Matters, & I missed a mile stone!

So…I hit a huge milestone in my blogging “career” and didn’t even realize it; goes to show you how observant I am!

Happy blog post #103! which means I have officially posted 


blog posts!

I thought it fitting to pick a #100 that looks digital like my treadmill! 


Thank you for coming back to listen to all things running, mothering, wifing…pondering many things related to life….without the support of my readers, the 100 wouldn’t be worth celebrating!

Bodhi has been feeling entirely too left out of my life as just “me” and not “mom”.  He asked me today if he could start blogging…I told him I would consider it; you might be getting a post from Bodhi sometime soon 😉


This kid has no shortage of ego.  He asked me to take a picture of him looking cool…I swear he comes up with this stuff on his own! any of you who know me well enough know that I would hide in a corner before trying to pull off posing for a photo like he does.

Social media has proven itself to be useful in more then one way, (reaching out to all of you of is pretty great).  Homeschooling can be tough for taking polls or surveys.  Thankfully, with the help of instagram and Facebook, Bodhi is going to be a pro at writing “tally charts”.  It’s crazy to think my little man is learning this stuff and counting by 5’s! He’s going to surpass my math skills soon and I will have to have Ryan take over that department in his homeschooling career.


I don’t talk nearly enough about this little man!  Benny is my youngest nephew.  I am so excited that my brother and his wife finally had a little person! Benny is a perfect blend of his parents and it makes for a very cute, funny, sweet, and busy boy.  I miss him entirely too much and have not given him the Aunt Nelly love he so deserves!


I love that face!

I love that face!

I don’t like to share a lot about my family, because I like to give them the choice of wether or not they want me sharing their life publicly…it is extremely hard not to gush about them on a daily basis!  My entire family lives in Montana…it is quite the drive with two boys so visiting these days has been less then desirable.  I sure miss them around the holidays!



my sister and I running the Bozeman half a couple seasons ago…we don’t take enough photos together!


Growing up my sister was my best buddy/friend.  I don’t think there was anyone else that held even a candle next to how much I adored her.  I still think she is the greatest…I only wish that all of those talks as kids about raising our children together were true at this moment.  I am working on it Steph, I swear!


Tim, my big brother is the greatest big brother! he gives killer hugs, is super in-tune to all things “women” related, (Val you lucked out), and he makes really cute babies!

Val, my sister in law, (in the pink sweater) is the best.  She has been in my life for a long time and was the inspiration behind my starting to blog!  She is not just a sister in law…she is my sister.


To wrap up family matters…my Mom! this woman is my world!  she is my number one defender and I am so happy I picked her to do the job as my Mom.  Behind all my determination, courage, stubbornness, love for family….lies this woman.  I love you lady!

I will do my best not to miss them all too much, which will be hard…thankfully I have my 3 hooligans at home to help make the holidays extra special.

Do you live near your family?

What do you do for the holidays? travel? have family come to you?


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